Národní 28, Prague 1
Tel.: +420 221 105 225
WWW: www.evald.cz


Mon–Fri 14:00–22:45
Sat–Sun 12:00–22:45

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Getting there?

Tram: Národní třída: barrier-free access in both directions, lines: 2, 9, 18, 22, 23, 41, 93, 97, 98, 99. 

Metro: "B" Národní třída, elevator on Lazarská Street 

By car: barrier-free parking spot at the address Charvátova 6, 25m to the right of the cinema

Venue plan

Ground floor

Ground floor

1. podzemní podlaží
1. underground floor

1. underground floor


  • There are no reserved spots for wheelchair users.
  • Wheelchair users may sit right by the exit or in the first row. We recommend taking your spot after the auditorium has filled up, so that you do not block access for the other viewers.
  • The auditorium is easily accessible from the elevator, but there are 4 stairs to the box office and cloakroom.
  • Barrier-free washroom is inside the restaurant Evald, you can acces it from the door on the right of the cinema hall entrance, find a festival volunteer or a member of the cinema staff to unlock the door for you.  
  • The emergency exit is not barrier-free. In the event of an alarm, please count on the assistance of volunteers.
  • Your assistance dogs are welcome at the cinema.
  • Cinema is fitted with subtitling equipment.

If necessary, contact our volunteers in white shirts. They will be happy to help and advise you.


  • We kindly ask all wheelchair users to make use of our reservation system due to the limited capacity of the cinema and necessary assistance at the main entrance.
  • 9cm step infront of the main entrance. 
  • Access to the auditorium is down 21 stairs. Barrier-free access via elevator to the left of the reception desk on the ground floor. The key to the elevator is with the receptionist or with a volunteer.

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