School of seduction with respect and consent

13. 03. 20:15h

Audience Centre at Tibet Open House, Školská 28, Prague 1

Has the #metoo campaign thrown you for a loop? Don't know how to meet someone and start a romantic relationship? Are you worried that you can't show someone you're attracted to them without pushing your luck? Come and try it for yourself and learn some new communication tools.

In the movies it always looks so romantic: she doesn't want him, but he doesn't give up and pursues her with one romantic gesture after another until her knees eventually buckle. But who really wants to be pursued by someone we don't like? Let's practise how to clearly formulate our affection while leaving room for the other person. How to tell if someone is interested in you without having to read his or her thoughts. Forget all prejudices about what girls or boys want and think for yourself. Let's try a few situations in a fun roleplay and discover that even rejection doesn't mean the end of the world.

Konsent is an organisation involved in the prevention of sexual violence, but it does so with a sex-positive approach. Meeting new people and flirting is fun, but only if both parties enjoy it. Respect is sexy!

The workshop is open to all regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

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Screening of the film in Ponrepo from 18.00


School of Seduction

The stories of three women attending courses in a Russian seduction school and the development of their romantic life provide a picture of both women and men in contemporary Russian society.