Long Live Life

Documentaries which celebrate human diversity, self-sufficiency, originality and the will to live in our own way, despite the established order and expectations of society. The protagonists seek their own ways of life, be it in escape from the cities to the countryside or a seemingly bizarre relationship with a silicone doll. The films will perhaps entertain you, perhaps inspire you, perhaps even shock you, perhaps remind you of your own story, and perhaps awaken in you the desire to live a little differently and not care so much about what others think.

Films in category Long Live Life

Don’t Be a Dick About It

A sibling odyssey set in American suburbia that captures the daily struggle for attention and constant goading, as well as tolerance of someone else's differences.

Far. The Story of a Journey around the World

An auteur documentary by two young Germans shows the only real way to travel around the world. Three and a half years of adventure presented by two charismatic adventurers.

Good Neighbours

This sensitively made film follows two best friends with a lofty ambition: for the world to stop seeing social isolation and old age as inseparable companions.

Now Something Is Slowly Changing

Mental coaching methods and various mind training approaches are rapidly developing and can be used in almost any field. Both police and small children are taught self-control in this way.

Punk Voyage

The last hurrah of four distinctive Finnish punks. A picture of friendship, rock and roll, roadblocks and falls.

Silicone Soul

A look at people who live with silicone partners, friends or children – lives on the edge of reality and fantasy.

The Ocean

Enthusiasts from a fishing village in Sierra Leone dream of starting a surf club, but the negative stance of the local community complicates their plans.

Village of Swimming Cows

What happens when three neo-hipsters from Berlin arrive at a farm in eastern Poland? This humorous documentary shows what transpires when poetic ideas come up against tough rural reality.

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Long Live Life

Documentaries which celebrate human diversity, self-sufficiency, originality and the will to live in our own way, despite the established order and expectations of society. The protagonists seek their...



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