Czech competition

Czech documentary film, last year and again this year, recorded several significant international successes. One possible reason is the fact that Czech filmmakers are increasingly turning to international themes and phenomena. In any case, films with local themes are in the minority this year. This year’s Czech Competition is also dominated by a record number of world premieres, with a total of seven on the list.

Films in category Czech competition

Another Chance

The tale of a professional marriage fraudster and his last victim, who, even after the truth is known, continues their relationship and waits for him to return from prison.

Central Bus Station

Tel Aviv's central bus station is one of the largest in the world. But the seven-storey concrete complex is straight out of a Kafka novel. People get lost here and the sixth floor is totally missing.

Good News

Retiree Petr Černý is a familiar face. For 7 years he was the moderator for Czech Independent Television – a constant on the Czech disinformation media scene.


This film by Kateřina Turečková from FAMU, made in the form of a video game, points out the burning issues in today’s Hungary, all linked by 1 name: Viktor Orbán.

Never Stop

Stories from the lives of Czech seniors who, despite their age and health condition, tirelessly find fulfilment in a variety of activities.


The board game Real(e)state, as played by some siblings at the Dejvice Railway Pub, is like a game of Russian roulette. The players experience for themselves how the housing market works in the real world and reveal the heartless reality in Czechia.

The Band

This documentary shot in an Eastern Slovak Roma settlement tracks a group of talented musicians who, despite difficult social conditions, try to get on stage at major music festivals.

The Call of the Wild

The story of school-aged boys with problem behavior – from a hard going family, the possibility of institutional care hangs over their heads.

The Good Death

Janette has an incurable disease, She know she can’t conquer death but she would like to be in control of how and when she dies. Now she is preparing for assisted suicide in Switzerland.

The Okamura Brothers

A populist politician, a devout Christian, and a successful architect – 3 brothers, each very different. The film offers a non-traditional view of one Czech-Japanese family.

The Siege

A new film by Zuzana Piussi and Vít Janeček about how the inhabitants of the town of Kremnica in Slovakia opposed mining companies. Will their efforts achieve the desired goal?

Vote for Kibera

The documentary, set in one of the largest African slums, shows that even behind walls made of corrugated sheet metal and clay there are people striving to change their world for the better.

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Czech competition

Czech documentary film, last year and again this year, recorded several significant international successes. One possible reason is the fact that Czech filmmakers are increasingly turning to international...



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