To a certain extent, the place where one lives defines the identity of the characters in the films in this year's new category. They are, in one way or another, drawn into global events, whose very tangible impacts can be clearly captured in local conditions. Local residents often react in self-defense by creating new groups, defining themselves against others and protecting their territories. The sense of loss of safety and the disturbance of the space we perceive as our own often leads to the need to create borders, whether imaginary or physical, and can be easily exploited by populist politicians. 


Films in category !!!

A Northern Soul

After shooting his last film in Syria, famous British filmmaker Sean McAllister turned his attention to his home town of Hull to tell the story of someone who, despite living on the edge, believes there is a purpose to helping improve the lives of others.


They want to live a completely ordinary life. But they were born in the refugee camps of Tindouf in the middle of the Sahara. Three young friends find themselves in absurd and dramatic situations.

Hungary 2018 - Behind the Scenes of Democracy

A look at two very different pre-election campaigns in Hungary in 2018. The government side of Fidesz bet everything on one card: fear. What can opposition coalition representative Ferenc Gyurcsány offer?

I'm New Here

Over the past decade a good many Congolese and other Africans have set out for China following dreams of riches and a better life, but only a very few of them have found the promised land in the Middle Empire.


Only a handful of people inhabit the Croatian island of Biševo. Life on the island is far from ideal and change is needed, but the locals do not agree with the plans of the town hall.

In Touch

When 1/3 of the inhabitants of one Polish village move to Iceland, the community needs to find a long-distance communication method. The filmmakers present an unusual way of how film can reduce distance.

Sheep Hero

Stijn is one of the last Dutch herdsmen who manages his farm using traditional methods and he is doing everything possible to save his herd and his livelihood.

The Border Fence

Plans were made to build a fence at the Brenner Pass border crossing between Austria and Italy in order to tighten the process and control the number of arriving migrants. The locals, accustomed to the tranquility of the Alps, become witnesses to the changes that are shaking Europe.

The Good Change: Poles Apart

In recent years the political tension in Poland has been escalating unprecedentedly. This film presents the dramatic developments through the eyes of 2 women on opposite sides of the political barricade.

The Raven and the Seagull

History and present, facts and myths, authenticity and stylisation – the film presents the peculiar inhabitants of the largest island of the world in imaginative contrasts and with subtle humour.

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To a certain extent, the place where one lives defines the identity of the characters in the films in this year's new category. They are, in one way or another, drawn into global events, whose very...



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