Films That Will Hit You Hard

Are you mulling over which of the 117 documentaries at One World 2019 to see? The festival’s programme director, Ondřej Moravec, programmers Julie Kárová and Barbora Hudečková, and the coordinators for One World in the Regions (in Znojmo, Tišnov, Hradec Králové, Sušice, Třebíč, and Uherské Hradiště), give their tips for the best of the festival’s 21st year.

Minding the Gap

Don’t expect a traditional film about a group of skateboarders. Using their story as the backdrop, director Bing Liu explores the issues of domestic violence, racism, and the social gap in today’s USA. This documentary, shot over 12 years, delves into the protagonists’ inner depths, mapping their paths from boyhood to adulthood. 
— Julie Kárová


The Ghanaian term sakawa describes internet fraud and its link with traditional African rituals. For the young Ghanaians who use fake profiles to seduce Western men on online dating sites, it is often their main source of money. Although Sakawa is filled with absurd moments, it communicates a message that affects us all. 
— Julie Kárová

Reconstructing Utøya

A minimalist psychological thriller with a visual aspect reminiscent of von Trier’s Dogville, this film provides a unique record of human terror – of physical and mental terror. This year’s first real “tear jerker” returns to the tragedy in Utøya, where the right-wing terrorist Breivik murdered 69 young people in 2011.
— Ondřej Moravec

Love, Scott

Scott Jones, a young man who was stabbed because he is gay, is a protagonist you won’t want to see leave the screen. The film lets you immerse yourself in Scott’s memories, both the horrible and the tender, and is enhanced by the fantastic soundtrack by Sigur Rós. Director Laura Marie Wayne deserves special credit for the film’s brusque finesse. Ondřej Moravec

Bellingcat – Truth in a Post-Truth World

They revealed the identity of the agents who attacked the Skripals. They proved that flight MH17 was shot down by a Russian missile. All they need to battle disinformation is the Internet, publicly accessible information, and great determination. The work carried out by the independent journalists from the Bellingcat collective is more suspenseful than the new True Detective series.
— Barbora Hudečková


The director’s brother, Evelyn, committed suicide. Years after the incident, his family sets out on a trek through the British countryside and finally broaches a topic that was long taboo. Emotions, memories, tears, mutual support, and accusations – the film opens a discussion about the mental health of men and appeals to us to be more aware of our loved ones.
— Barbora Hudečková

On Her Shoulders

This is a documentary for all those who are tired of seeing scenes of bombed Syrian towns and dying children. Although it does tell of murder, you won’t see the horrors of war, but rather the enormous burden borne by the witnesses who decide to provide their testimony to the world. The main protagonist is Nadia Murad, this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner.
— David Grossmann

Welcome to Sodom

Sodom is one of the world’s largest electronic waste dumps and is probably where your mobile and tablet will end up. Using an extremely visually captivating style, this film portrays the apocalyptic world of those who not only sort through, buy, and burn the waste but also try to live and survive here.
— Jan Pernica

Don’t Be a Dick About It

Two brothers from American suburbia will put all of your emotions to a test – from tears to fits of laughter. The documentary takes the seemingly banal theme of siblinghood and portrays all of its aspects and innermost recesses with an ingeniously detached view. A tenderly human relaxing break.
— Aneta Kohoutová

Village of Swimming Cows

Spiritual experience seekers from Berlin vs. farmers in eastern Poland… This film offers a humorous and heart-warming view of an encounter between people with two different life philosophies. How will an alternative lifestyle and the quest for desired harmony with nature stand up to traditions and the reality of everyday life on a farm?
— Sarah Sofia Huikari

Facing the Dragon

Let yourself be inspired by the story of two brave Afghani women who battle daily against the prejudice and obstacles placed before them by a patriarchal society. They fight for what they consider to be right, even though they are forced to choose between their duties and their love for their native country and the safety of their families.
— Kristýna Michálková

Far. The Story of a Journey around the World

Do you need to recharge your positive energy? Set out with a young German couple on a trip around the world! We begin heading east and, without ever setting foot on board an airplane, return home from the west. We’ll take a look beyond the horizon, where people will bring a smile to your face and things are still fine. This film is the favourite of One World in the Regions.
— Petr Štěrba

Rekonstrukce Utøyi je minimalistický psychologický thriller, který svou vizualitou připomíná Trierův Dogville. / Reconstructing Utøya is a minimalist psychological thriller with a visual aspect reminiscent of von Trier’s Dogville.
Svůj film na 22. Jeden svět přihlašujte do 1. září 2019 / Submit your film to the 22nd One World until 1st September 2019

Submit your film to the One World 2020

Are you in the process of finishing your new documentary film? Sumbit it to the One World Festival until the 1st September 2019! The 22nd edition......

Film Vše v pořádku sleduje zhroucení systému zdravotní péče ve Venezuele / Está Todo Bien covers the collapse of the healthcare system in Venezuela

The Award for the Best Film of the One World in Brussels goes to Está Todo Bien

13th edition of the One World Festival in Brussels knows it’s best film. The festival jury composed of human rights organizations representatives......

Jeden svět v Bruselu proběhne od 23. do 30. dubna na sedmi projekčních místech / One World in Brussels takes place from 23 April to 30 April in 7 different venues

One World in Brussels will show 11 films to international audience

Eleven films covering various current human rights topics will be screened by People in Need in cooperation with the Czech Center in Brussels and the......


Gods of Molenbeek to open One World in Brussels

The film Gods of Molenbeek will open the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival on 23 April in BOZAR. The 13th edition of this......

Cenu za nejlepší film získal dokument Kamenné srdce režisérů Claire Billet a Oliviera Jobarda / The prize for the best documentary film was awarded to Heart of Stone directors Claire Billet and Olivier Jobard

Heart of Stone Takes Top Honors at One World 2019

The winners of this year’s One World Festival have been announced. A total of seven prizes were awarded by juries in the categories of International......

Dětský koutek nabízí také filmové workshopy / Kid

Leave your kids with us, we’ll make them into film fans!

Want to go to a movie, but don’t have a babysitter on hand? Not to worry. One World festival is ready to entertain even the youngest visitors. We......

Přidáváme projekce dvou nejnavštěvovanějších filmů / We are adding screenings of the festival’s most popular films

We are adding screenings of the festival’s most popular films

Although there are still four festival days remaining, many of the screenings are already hopelessly sold out. In order to give those who didn’t......

Mikrosvět bratrů Okamurových jako by byl typickým příkladem rozdělení dnešní české společnosti.

On Open and Closed Societies

Filip Remunda’s documentary, The Okamura Brothers, which will be screened in its world premiere at One World, exceeds the genre of a traditional......

Momenty sblížení i naprosté koncentrace na podzimním setkání koordinátorů. / The weekend gathering of regional coordinators in the heart of the Vysočina highlands in November.

One World presents its next jury. Here are our cineastes from outside Prague

Careful readers of our website will surely have noticed that this year’s 21st One World festival features a new jury – a regional jury consisting......


Can we be in safe proximity to one another? One World starts today

The 21st annual One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival starts tonight. Under the motto, “Safe Proximity,” the festival......

Livestreaming se za posledních deset let stal v Číně obrovským společenským fenoménem. / Over the past ten years, livestreaming has grown into an enormous social phenomenon in China.

People’s Republic of Desire

In China, the Internet works on the basis of complex ecosystems connecting the online and offline entertainment, e-commerce, gaming, and gambling. During......

Podařilo se Viktoru Orbánovi proměnit Maďarsko v „neliberální demokracii“? / Has Viktor Orbán succeeded in transforming Hungary to an “illiberal democracy”?

Hungary: A Hijacked Democracy?

The enfant terrible of the European Union – that is how many see the Hungary of today. The direction the country is taking towards becoming an “illiberal......

Kamenné srdce sleduje 8 let dospívání afghánského uprchlíka v jeho novém francouzském domově. / Heart of Stone tracks 8 years of life of the the young refugee from Afghanistan in his new home.

You’ll See Them Here First: Premieres at This Year’s One World

At One World, we can’t offer you red carpets and  opulent evenings with Hollywood stars, but we do have the pleasure of presenting twenty major......

Rekonstrukce Utøyi je minimalistický psychologický thriller, který svou vizualitou připomíná Trierův Dogville. / Reconstructing Utøya is a minimalist psychological thriller with a visual aspect reminiscent of von Trier’s Dogville.

Films That Will Hit You Hard

Are you mulling over which of the 117 documentaries at One World 2019 to see? The festival’s programme director, Ondřej Moravec, programmers Julie......

Podpořit můžete například Beats Bus, projekt Stevea Arnotta z filmu Duše severu. / You can also support the Hull Beats Bus, the project of Steve Arnott from A Northern Soul.

Films that are changing the world: What can you do?

Films don't always end when the credits roll. These are documentaries connected with a campaign that audiences can join, usually offering the opportunity......

S pomocí nových zařízení se diváci mohou propadat stále intenzivněji do kůže někoho jiného / Viewers may use the new equipment to ever more intensely put themselves in somebody else’s shoes

Virtual reconstructions: What does a conversation with a hologram look like?

Virtual worlds continue to expand. The latest uses of VR in the field of art increasingly diverge from traditional reportage (although such projects still......

Kdo si odveze ceny letos? / Who will grab the prizes this year?

Who will grab the prizes this year?

This year’s festival program is divided into a total of 14 categories, out of which there are three competition categories – International......

Jeden svět 2019 představí 117 dokumentů ve 14 tematických kategoriích / One World 2019 presents 117 documentaries in 14 thematic categories

One World in safe proximity! Check out the programme

Identity and the various forms it takes in the globalized world of the 21st century – this is the subject explored by this year’s......

Film Odložený případ Hammarskjöld pátrá po příčinách záhadné smrti generálního tajemníka OSN / Cold Case Hammarskjöld investigates the mysterious death of the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

What not to miss? The best of this year's One World

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Lozang Sanggjä přijel do Prahy již dvakrát na pozvání Fora 2000, letos bude hostem Jednoho světa / Lobsang Sangay came to Prague twice as a guest of Forum 2000, this time he come as a guest of One World

Sikyong Lobsang Sangay comes to Prague as a guest of One World 2019

One of the world’s most important human rights activists, Sikyong Lobsang Sangay, the President of the Central Tibetan Administration and the successor......

Francisce Ramírez se z obtížné pozice chudé farmářky podařilo v Nikaragui mobilizovat statisíce lidí / From the difficult position of a poor farmer, Francisca Ramírez has managed to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people in Nicaragua

Homo Homini Award for 2018 to Nicaraguan farmer Francisca Ramírez

“It’s an honor for us, our families, and our country,” says Francisca Ramírez – leader of a Nicaraguan democratic movement......

Minding The Gap pozoruje přátelství a dospívání tří skejťáků v takzvaném Rezavém pásu / Minding the Gap traces the friendship and adolescence of three skateboarders in the Rust Belt

Oscar nominees at the One World 2019

Two films about life in the United States that are being screened at this year’s One World, have been nominated for Oscar. The nominations......

Naše jistoty se v průběhu času mění, ukazuje vizuál Jednoho světa 2019 / Our sense of security can change over time, the One World

A battle or a unity? One World's visuals show both certainties and doubts

What do they mean and how are they related to the topic of safe proximity? The colourful question marks and exclamation points throughout the festival’s......

Co nás rozděluje a co spojuje? ptá se Jeden svět 2019 / What differentiates us and what brings us together? One World 2019 asks

Identity, certainty, security. What brings us together? asks One World 2019

Who am I and where do I belong? At a time of political crises, in a divided society and on  the threshold of irreversible climate change, finding an......

Dokument O otcích a synech je unikátní studií islámské radikalizace dětí / Of Fathers and Sons documentary is a unique study of the Islamic radicalization of children

Talal Derki's film Of Fathers and Sons in the Oscar nomination

Talal Derki was awarded the Best Director Award at the One World festival last year. This year, the Syrian director is vying for an even greater......

Nová příručka zkoumá, jak oslovit nová publika a zvýšit svůj dosah / The new handbook explores how to reach new audiences and boost impact

Explore Impact: A handbook for film festival organisers available for download

Thanks to the Visegrad Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, we are now able to present this handbook focused on......