Films that are changing the world: What can you do?

Films don't always end when the credits roll. That is why impact information is added to selected films.. These are documentaries connected with a campaign that audiences can join, usually offering the opportunity to help the protagonists of the films with their problems. You will also find tips about Czech organisations and initiatives that deal with the themes depicted in the films. There are many ways to get involved.

If you do not find the solution you were looking for after watching the film, do not hesitate to find your own way. Write a petition, become a volunteer, assist people with disabilities and seniors, contribute to humanitarian aid, join a charity. It also helps to share and disseminate information among your friends and relatives.



One out of every three children born this year will develop dementia during their life. What advanced stages of this illness look like can be seen in the film Love and Empty Words. Only research can change this. Alzheimer nadační fond (The Alzheimer's Endowment Fund) is devoted to supporting research and education, and provides scholarships to young scientists studying the disease. You too can help find a cure for Alzheimer's. You can support the endowment fund, for example, by purchasing gift items or making a donation through the website, as well as by sharing information about the disease. 


Hull Beats Bus

In A Northern Soul blue-collar worker Steve Arnott launches his passion project Beats Bus. He drives a bus around local schools and does hip-hop workshops for schoolchildren in disadvantaged localities. In the film we see how much these activities can benefit kids. You can support Steve's Beats Bus here.


A new start for Sermary Tiare

This is what climate change looks like in practice: Sermary Tiare in the film Anote's Ark had to leave her native Kiribati, where her village was at risk from rising ocean levels. She received New Zealand citizenship. But her family doesn't have it easy in their new country. We can help by making a contribution to tuitions for Sermary's children on GoFundMe


Leave extremism behind

Angela King, one of the characters in the film EXIT – Leaving Extremism Behind, used to be an active neo-Nazi. Today she works for the Life After Hate organisation, where she helps people who want to leave extremist movements. You can support this important activity on the organisation's website.


Inventing Tomorrow

Are you a fan of young inventors who are working in laboratories to mitigate some of the effects of climate change? You can sign up for a symbolic challenge on the website for the film Inventing Tomorrow, such as promising that you will visit the National Technical Museum more often or to talk to your loved ones about the environment.

You can get to know young Czech scientists and enjoy our accompanying event The Promise of Czech Science on Saturday, 9 March. 


Coffee with Grandma

The film Never Stop depicts how Czech seniors live. Kafe s babi (Coffee with Grandma) initiative encourages grandsons and granddaughters to go for coffee and beer with their grandmothers and grandfathers. Collaborating businesses are preparing special discount menus for grandchildren and grandparents. You can find an up-to-date list at the Coffee with Grandma website.

Let us know that you and your grandparents have joined the event and post your contributions with the hashtags #kafesbabi #pivosdědou 


Drugs in Afganistan

Laila Haidara, the protagonist of Laila at the Bridge, runs a ground-breaking drug centre in Afghanistan, where she provides assistance to addicts at her own initiative. She helps them return to a normal daily work routine in the restaurant attached to the centre. The situation in the country is very unstable and raising money is a challenge.

We can all contribute to Laila's work by donating any amount to the Help Laila Treat Addicts collection.


Don't BE Afraid!

Scott Jones from the film Love, Scott survived a physical assault motivated by hatred. He decided to face it and set up the Don't BE Afraid campaign, which supports the creative fight against homophobia and transphobia. Contribute to its activities or launch an initiative that will help us to respect each other. Visit the campaign website for more information.


Independent Novaya Gazeta

Novaya Gazeta is one of the last independent newspapers in Putin's Russia. The film Novaya shows that the editors have to face many obstacles to keep going. Help them continue their work. You can make a contribution on the newspaper's website.

Former editor-in-chief Dmitry Muratov will give a talk at the festival's event Talking Cinema on March 8. 


Nadia's Initiative

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nadia Murad is a warrior for women's rights in armed conflicts. Her pursuit is followed by the film On Her Shoulders. If Nadia's story has made an impression on you, you can support her activities by contributing to Nadia's Initiative. The money collected will be used primarily to work with victims of sexual violence and to help the Yazidi community endangered by the so-called Islamic State. 


Respect is Sexy

The film Roll Red Roll about a rape case in Ohio shows the need to combat rape culture and stereotypical male behaviour towards women. In the Czech Republic, the Konsent association is committed to this topic. Its new campaign Respect is Sexy informs both sides about what behaviour is unacceptable, which borders should no longer be crossed without the other person's consent and how to maintain them in various situations. Promote the campaign financially or by sharing information with those around you.

On Sunday, 10 March, you can visit the workshop How to Talk to Kids About Sex, led by the Konsent association.



Save the Forest

Like the French forests in the film The Time of Forests, the Czech forests are also not in the best shape. Hnutí DUHA (The DUHA movement) has long been devoted to education and direct activities to improve the situation. On the Save Forest website, you can take an online challenge or contribute financially to the DUHA movement. Here you will also find more tips on how you too can help.

You can learn more at the accompanying event What's in the Future for Czech Forests? on Friday, 8 March. 


Protection for asylum seekers

Were you impressed by the vigour with which Cédric Herrou, the protagonist of To the Four Winds, looks after refugees on his farm in southern France? Contribute financially to the operation of his Défends Ta Citoyenneté initiative, which seeks to alleviate the complex humanitarian and legal situation of the refugees crossing through the France and Italy border region.


Suicide prevention

In Evelyn, a family tries to cope with the death of their brother and son. Suicides (especially among men) are still a big problem, even in the Czech Republic. An important method of prevention is communicating with our loved ones and offering help. Prevention of psychological discomfort is addressed, for example, by the Liga otevřených mužů (League of Open Men). You can find a list of their courses and how to support their activities on their website.

We invite you to the accompanying event Suicide: A Mass Social Phenomenon? on Thursday, 7 March and to an exhibition by Aktuálně.cz that focuses on male suicide.


The legacy of Ebola

Films from Africa are not always filmed by local filmmakers, but Survivors is. The WeOwnTV organisation collects funds to support local West African filmmakers and journalists from countries affected by Ebola. You can also promote filmmaking in this region through the online Sierra Leone Ebola Campaign. At the same time, an oral history archive called WeSurvive: Stories of the Ebola Outbreak with stories about locals affected by the illness will be created. You can also support the archive online. 


Good Neighbours

The film Good Neighbours shows how important it is to think about our neighbours, who often live alone. In the Czech Republic, there is the Neighbourhood Plus initiative by the Mezi námi (Between Us) organisation, which motivates volunteers to take care of seniors who live alone. If you would like to get involved, you can find more information on the Between Us website. Seniors can also use the 24/7 senior phone line operated by the Život 90 (Life 90) organisation. You can call for advice and help at 800 157 157.