Equality before the law for people with disabilities: Reality or illusion?

Guests: Talila A. Lewis

07. 03. 19:00h

Kino 35, Štěpánská 35, Prague 1

Moderátoři": "Mariana Kopecká, Czech TV

The way a society treats those who are different is a restatement to its development and maturity. This concerns not only the place occupied by ethnic minorities, but also people with various disabilities or barriers.

A lawyer and activist for the rights of deaf people in the United States, Talila Lewis currently also focuses on deaf wrongful conviction cases and discrimination against people with disabilities within the American legal system. Talila co-founded and serves as the volunteer director of Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of Deaf communities (HEARD) non-profit, and was recognized as a White House Champion of Change under the Obama administration. 

The talk and debate will be interpreted into Czech and Czech sign language. 

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The Fight

People with disabilities are viewed as second-class citizens in Bolivia. A peaceful protest by a group of wheelchair users turns into a battle when police use tear gas and water cannons against them.