One World presents its next jury. Here are our cineastes from outside Prague

Careful readers of our website will surely have noticed that this year’s 21st One World festival features a new jury – a regional jury consisting of three regional jurors who will choose which film to include in our Get Your Audience program!

As you surely know, after the festival concludes its Prague screenings, it heads out to 35 cities throughout the Czech Republic. As in Prague, preparations for the regional festivals last nearly all year. During this time, the members of our various teams meet at two organizational meetings. At the first of these, a weekend gathering in the heart of the Vysočina highlands, each town nominated its candidate for the regional jury.

How were the jurors nominated?

The requirements for the regional jurors were that they must not be somebody from the organizational team, but somebody who is a supporter of the festival. The candidates were introduced on Friday and chosen the following day.

And what a diverse mix of personalities and characters it was! Each town had its own unique presentation of its candidate. All day Saturday, the regional coordinators voted for the best one. The whole process was fair, and played out under the watchful eye of our colleague Míša Weingartová, who is responsible for the Get Your Audience! collection.

Whom did we choose?

All three candidates who received the most votes and were thus nominated to the regional jury have confirmed that they will participate in this year’s festival. And so on Friday, Prague will be visited by the cinematic retiree Jan Jíra of Louny, cinema operator Karel Kotěšovec from Klatovy, and Marie Egydyová, an enthusiastic filmgoer from Ústi nad Orlicí.

Mr. Jíra spent most of his working life as a cinema operator and distributor, and also worked as a co-producer and even has had several acting opportunities. After retirement, he spent some time as a consultant, but now he tries to actively follow current events in the world of cinema. Our second juror, Karel Kotěšovec, is also a cinema operator. He also organizes exhibitions, concerts, and multi-genre music festivals. Although he lives in Klatovy, he was nominated by the One World team from Sušice. Our third juror is Marie Egydyová, who has seen an incredible 84 films at the last five One World festivals in her hometown of Ústí nad Orlicí!

Which films are in the running?

This year, One World is screening a total 117 films, forty of which will be shown at the regional festivals. From these, the regional organizers chose six at their second meeting, which was held in January. At this meeting, the “programming Saturday,” the Prague team and the festival’s regional representatives meet to discuss the selected films, engage in discussion with Czech and Slovak directors, and create the first draft programs.

All those present at the meeting could vote for one film from the shortlist that most touched their hearts. The final six films are the following:

We are curious to find out which film the regional jury will choose for inclusion in Get Your Audience!

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