Awards and Juries

International Jury

Composed of important film professionals, this jury presents the Best Film Award and Best Director Award in the International Competition.

Category: International competition

Aida Holly-Nambi

Aida Holly-Nambi


Director of Arts and Culture for an Africa-wide LGBT digital media organization, None on Record. She produces the podcast AfroQueer, was an Outreach Director for the Doc Society Foundation in London and for Docubox: The East African Documentary Film Fund; and the Artistic Director of Maisha Garden in Uganda. In early January 2019, Aida was a story developer for the Venice Biennale College Cinema, working to support the development of 12 VR films along with a team of visual advisors and creative technologists.  

Will Tizard color

Will Tizard

Czech Republic

A documentary filmmaker currently working on the Holocaust restitution story Buried, the former California crime reporter moved to Prague in 1994 to cover emerging democracy, the arts and travel stories around the former East bloc. Since then he has worked as a writer and editor for numerous domestic and foreign publications including The Prague Post, Time Out, National Geographic guides and The Sunday Times. He is also Central and Eastern Europe correspondent for Variety and has taught journalism and filmmaking at Anglo-American University for 10 years.


Talal Derki

Talal Derki


Director, producer and screenwriter of Kurdish descent, currently living in exile in Berlin. In his work, he focuses on human behaviour in conflict zones, especially on the psychology of protagonists who could be labeled as negative characters. His feature debut Return to Homs won the Sundance Film Festival’s World Cinema Grand Jury Prize. His documentary Of Fathers and Sons is nominated for an Oscar and was awarded the Best Director Award at One World 2018.

Václav Havel Jury

This jury awards the prize to a film that makes an exceptional contribution to the defence of human rights. It is comprised of human rights advocates, international representatives of the non-profit sector and donors.

Category: Right to know


Lottie Cunningham


Lottie Cunningham Wren is a lawyer and founder of the Centro por la Justicia y Derechos Humanos de la Costa Atlántica de Nicaragua. She works with over 100 remote communities to help indigenous peoples exercise their legal rights to protect natural resources. In 2017, she received threats because of her work, and in October 2018, she was detained and harrassed for a couple of days.


Salma Said


For the past 10 years, Salma has led a career in arts and cultural management in various Egyptian and Arab Regional cultural organisations. Since the beginning of the Egyptian revolution, Salma has co-founded and is a member of activist and human rights initiatives such as No to Military Trials for Civilians and OpAntiSH. She has also co-founded Mosireen, a non-profit media collective that has released the largest video archive of the Egyptian revolution, The 858, Archive of Resistance.


Polina Filippova


Director of Communications and Head of the Volunteer Centre at the Sakharov Centre since 2013. She also consults, facilitates and teaches at the Prague Media School, focusing on developing soft skills of media coordinators, and working for various NGOs across Europe and Russia. She has been a board member of EU-Russia Civil Society Forum since 2018. 


Csaba Toth


Hungarian political scientist and sociologist, founder and director of Republican Institute – a think tank dedicated to promoting an open society, fighting for human rights and creating a platform for like-minded organisations. His institute develops and advocates fair and progressive ideas on issues as diverse as migration, homelessness and LGBTQ rights. He is one of the most high-profile civil society representatives regularly engaging in fierce debates with ideologues of Viktor Orbán’s government. His personal passion is using films, books and music to educate people about issues of democracy and human rights.


Doan Bao Chau


Novelist, martial artist and independent photo journalist who has collaborated with various prestigious international news agencies and media. He focuses on sensitive topics such as corruption, police abuse of power, political prisoners and suppression of human rights in Vietnam, for which he has been defamed multiple times. Recently, he has been active also on Facebook, recording and streaming video interviews with reputed Vietnamese intellectuals and public figures. 

Czech Competition Jury

The best Czech documentary films or co-productions focus mainly on Czech themes.

Category: Czech competition

Harry Vaughn

Harry Vaughn


Programmer for the Sundance Film Festival, specializing in US and World documentary features, and also lead programmer on a Talent Forum initiative that introduces world documentary filmmakers to American film industry representatives. Aside from his work at Sundance, Harry is on the board of Dirty Looks, a platform for queer film, video and
performance, and he is also a consulting programmer for Frameline: San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival. His previous work includes programmer for NewFest in New York or for Outfest in his home city of Los Angeles.

Juste Zavisaite

Juste Zavisaite


Managing Director for the Inconvenient Films documentary film festival as well as Project Manager at the Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights in Lithuania since 2017. She has 9 years of experience in management of various cultural activities, including a Lithuanian film programme curator position and later industry management at the Vilnius International Film Festival. In 2015 she also participated in the Hot Docs film festival in Toronto (Canada) as well as held an internship as an Archive Researcher for a documentary film “Wine and War.”

Alia Damaihati

Alia Damaihati


In 2005–2008, Alia was active at Kinoki (an alternative cinema in Yogyakarta) in the Mari Menonton program. Since 2006, she has been working at Festival Film Dokumenter, currently serving as the director. As a researcher and lecturer, she focuses on the post-New Order Indonesian documentary. In recent years, she has also been engaged in archiving and distributing documentary film screenings through collaboration with various communities. 

Student Jury

This jury awards a prize for the best movie in the festival’s selection of films for students. It is chiefly composed of secondary school students who are organisers of One World in Schools student film clubs. 



Ester Hadašová


Ester (18) lives in Police nad Metují and is in her last year at the Broumov gymnasium (Gymnázium Broumov), where she founded the student parliament and is actively involved in various projects and events aimed at introducing her classmates to human rights issues. She volunteers at the Broumov Discussions conference series and at One World screenings, and also won the Stories of the 20th Century Competition. She is currently preparing for her graduation exams and for her university studies.


Ondřej Nykl


Ondřej (17) lives in Prague and attends the Malá Strana gymnasium (Malostranské gymnázium), from which he will graduate in a year. At his school, he organizes public screenings for a multi-genre film club and is involved in other student activities (such as a series of open panel discussions). He is interested primarily in art and the humanities and would like to work with film in the future. He also engages in sports, especially floorball and cycling, after which he likes to relax.


Nikola Hlavatá


Nikola (18) is in her seventh year at the eight-year Jirásek gymnasium in Náchod (Jiráskovo gymnasium Náchod), where she has lived since birth. At her school, she has spent the past three years heading the One World at Schools film club. After graduation, she would like to study education, because even now she likes working with kids – she is an active volunteer at the Hopsáček non-profit and the Eldorádo club for children and youth. She also regularly leads children’s classes and organizes several summer camps.

Regional Jury



Jan Jíra


Today, Jan Jíra is a cinematic retiree. He spent most of his working life as a cinema operator and distributor, and also worked as a co-producer and even has had several acting opportunities. His original profession was as a teacher, and in the late 1950s and early 1960s he helped found the Czechoslovak Federation of Film Clubs. He began working in cinemas in 1965 (Cheb, Prague, Žatec, Louny), and in 1990 became the last director of the state-run distributor Ústřední půjčovny filmů before its transformation into Lucerna Film. In 1995, he helped found Cinemart a.s., which spent many years distributing independent, European, and high-quality Czech films. The company worked mostly with traditional cinemas (in 1997, Cinemart opened its own cinema in Prague, the Evald). After retirement, he spent some time as a consultant, but now he tries to actively follow current events in the world of cinema.


Marie Egydyová

Ústí nad Orlicí

“I studied economics at Pardubice University and am currently working at a small company that exports goods to Latin America (in particular, Ecuador, where we have an office), Uzbekistan, and Bangladesh. I am responsible for purchasing, sales, and customs procedures. In my free time, I engage in sports and exercise (skiing, skating, hiking, BOSU ball, jumping, yoga, functional training). I also read a lot and I love travel and nature. I enjoy culture and regularly attend the One World festival – over the past five years, I have seen 84 films at the festival in Ústí nad Orlicí. I also engage in reiki and massage (for which I take various qualification courses) and am learning Spanish.”


Karel Kotěšovec


“I have lived almost my whole life in Klatovy, but I hope that I manage to die somewhere else, so it won’t look stupid on my gravestone. Like maybe in March at your festival! I have been interested in culture ever since I was little, especially film, photography (for the past several years, even non-pornographic images), and all kinds of music. I occasionally try to organize – with varying success – cultural activities in town, such as exhibitions, concerts, and so on. I have run the local Film Club (with declining audiences) since the late 1980s, and have spent the past circa twenty years running the Šumava Cinema and a summer outdoor cinema (with growing audiences). Currently, most of my time is spent organizing the summer multi-genre music festival Strýc of Klatovy. So far, we have held four of these festivals. I also engage in various obscure private hobbies, such as chasing away martens with music, football, poetry, family life, board games, and active procrastination.”

Audience Award

In 2019, our audience members will once again be able to vote for their favorite documentary film.

As in previous years, the Audience Award is supported by the Avast Foundation. We also hope that the high quality of the documentaries shown at the One World festival has not changed either. 

You will be able to cast your vote in cinemas until Friday, March 15.