Work in progress: Horáček (working title)

Work in progress: Horáček (working title)

Work in progress: Horáček (pracovní název)

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Language: Czech

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In his presidential campaign, Michal Horáček’s choice of team was surprising – one of the most prominent members was Robin Kvapil, a documentary filmmaker and, among other things, a member of the Žít Brno (Living Brno) initiative, known for his distinctive actions and trolling on Facebook.

In this documentary, Kvapil goes behind the scenes of Horaček's campaign, capturing important moments as well as everyday situations. The film offers a unique opportunity to look into how Horáček’s team functions and, at a more general level, the overall situation surrounding the recent Czech presidential elections. Some of the footage was shot by a traditional film crew, and others Kvapil captured using his mobile or laptop. The resulting material was subsequently processed by the film’s producer, Radim Procházka. The unfinished film will be presented in its current state with the participation of the filmmakers.



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