Petr Dvořák


General Director, Czech Television

Fake news and disinformation, which even the inhabitants of ancient Greece were familiar with, are a negative phenomenon of today’s era. No wonder, then, that One World has chosen it as the theme of this year’s festival.

One important precondition for preventing fake news from catching on and spreading is an informed public. And Czech Television plays an important role in this area. Our news programs are seen by millions of people every day, and people in the Czech Republic consider it a trustworthy source of information. In fact, more people trust in our main news program, Události ČT, than Brits do in the news reports on BBC. We are delighted at his faith, and it commits and drives us to continue on our path.

Czech Television’s partnership with the One World festival has long called attention to many burning issues of our times, has opened discussion of important subjects within the proper context, and has significantly contributed to creating an informed society. 


René Zavoral

General Director, Czech Radio

Dear festival guests,

I am glad that Czech Radio is once again the main media partner of the One World Film Festival, which, thanks its approach to discussing topics that resonate throughout society, is one of the largest cultural-educational events in all of Europe.

Czech Radio and One World have much in common. We create a space for diverse opinions, we present a wide range of current issues (including minority issues), and above all we aim to be accesible to all. Another thing we will have in common this year is the beautiful university town of Olomouc, where we will meet independently of one another during the third week in March – One World to present its regional program and Czech Radio for its annual Prix Bohemia Radio festival of radio production. Two institutions, two international festivals, one city – in this way, we will mark the end of winter and the coming of spring.

May the One World festival have many satisified filmgoers, and may it be successful this year and in the years to come… if only for the reason that human rights continue to be a vital and important subject – in view of current events, today perhaps more than ever.