Sister Festivals

One World has long been active in helping establish human rights festivals abroad. In particular, it provides advice concerning the film programme, production and logistics, media and fundraising strategies, as well as accompanying activities and debates after film screenings. It also participates in regular seminars and meetings, where organisers of human rights festivals can exchange practical experiences. Many sister festivals have become members of Human Rights Film Network.

“Every year, many active and courageous people from all over the world who want to organise a festival with a human rights theme in their own country get in touch with us,” said the director of One World in the Czech Republic, Hana Kulhánková. “We are happy to share our own experiences with them and they also inspire us. Each new festival requires many months of preparation as well as a great degree of determination and faith that everything is going to work out,” she said. “The success of these festivals shows that the public is interested in thinking about political and social issues in their wider contexts and that there are still many capable people who are able to turn their dreams into a reality.”