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Hybrid Deportation

In today’s Europe it is impossible to load a whole nation
onto a train and transport it to somewhere beyond the Urals. But you can do something else: you can create a situation where those representatives of the nation disloyal to the new authorities of Crimea will leave their homes and disappear from the peninsula in order to save their freedom or even their lives.
The exhibition “Hybrid Deportation” is a collection of reportage photos taken during the court hearings and trials against Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians, as well as photos of their families. It maps the cases of human rights violations in the annexed Crimea. Anton Namliuk is one of the very few journalists who is regularly following the politically motivated trials and, despite the security risks, writes about them openly, pointing out that they are artificial and their results are known in advance.

→ Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the EU

Opening of the exhibition will take place on 25 April at 6:15 pm.


ONE WORLD at ATHENEUM Brussels Secondary School

The Atheneum Brussels, a Dutch language secondary school in the heart of Europe's capital, is organizing its first edition of the One World Film Festival. The pupils from the 5th and 6th grade took the initiative and invited pupils from Maastricht and from other schools in Brussels to be their audience. They're responsible for every single aspect, from logistics to catering and moderating the debates that follow each movie. The choice of the documentaries was theirs as well. They chose: The War Show (on Syria), Plastic China (on recycling), Prison Sisters (on Afghan women's rights), The opposition (on land grabbing) and Pearl of Africa (on lgbt-rights in subsaharan-Africa).