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How the festival helps

It is thanks to the festival that the fate of the people you can see in the documentary films of One World change.

Last year´s festival goers were moved by the film The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo depicting the desperate circumstances of thousands of raped women in Congo. The film became one of the catalysts of the emergence of People in Need operation in Congo. First dozens of women have already received our aid covered by Friends of People in Need. Interest in Congo resulted in many small donors joining the Club. Most of them send 200 or 300CZK every month.

We would like to donate up to 3 million CZK of the money raised to aid in Congo. The current main topic is intervention in the catastrophic situation in overcrowded refugee camps. You may read more here in case you want to learn more about how we help in Congo.

Burma VJ should act as a similar impulse this year. It depicts dramatical instances of hope and disillusion connected to brutal repressions of the so-called Saffron Revolution, nonviolent protests of thousands led by Buddhist monks. Some heroes of this documentary film also obtain concrete aid from People in Need which has been operating in the region for several years now. Similarly to last year, we hope to raise the festival goers' interest in this particular issue so that they will donate to People in Need Friends Club account to support us.