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Made in L.A.

Made in L.A.
Almudena Carracedo / USA / 2007 / 70 min.

María, Lupe and Maura met at a women's clothes factory in Los Angeles. All share the experience of having left their native Mexico for a better life in the "City of Angels". What they had not expected when they left home was inhumane working conditions and pitiful wages. They spend 12 hours a day over a sewing machine without a break to eat and are held under lock and key. They get 19 cents for sewing blouses that cost 13 dollars in the shops. Thanks to non-profit groups helping the Latin American community in LA, the women and their colleagues learn how the business system works, from the factory floor to wholesalers to consumers. They all decide, therefore, to boycott the Factory 21 department store where their own work is on sale, in order to win better conditions for themselves and their workmates. During a campaign of over three years, they learn more than just how to fight for their rights; many carry their new awareness of the dignity of emancipation into their personal lives, where they generally face another, similarly underappreciated shift.


12.03.2009 / 17:30 / Atlas velký sál
15.03.2009 / 22:00 / Atlas malý sál




Almudena Carracedo

639 S. Glenwood Pl. Suite 202
90028 U.S.A.
tel: +1 323 924 5445