Radio Documentaries

Wednesday, 9 March

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM / Audience Centre at the Lucerna Gallery
Unseen Documentaries – Czech Radio on the Topic of Hate

Dan Moravec: Czechia for the Czechs – Hate Free
The members of the Hate Free Initiative – a group of individuals who want a life without violence and hate – face almost daily attacks on the Internet.

Lenka Pitronová: I’m Sorry, but I Don’t Know Who You Are!
The documentary tracks the Czech public’s fear of immigrants, the responses of those who decide to help refugees, and refugee stories from the Serbo-Croatian border.

A discussion with the authors and guests follows.

Saturday, 12 March

7:00 PM–8:30 PM / Audience Centre at the Lucerna Gallery

Kateřina Jungová: Turnout
Young, smart, able to work, still relatively strong, yet living in the streets. What lies behind this way of life they have chosen? Did they have a choice? This documentary by Kateřina Jungová offers a glimpse into the fate of three men and the issue of homeless young people in CZ. A discussion with the makers and guests follows.

Sunday, 13 March

6:00 PM / Audience Centre at the Lucerna Gallery

ToldUntold: Unlock the Stories in your Mind
During Communism, people experienced events, either as witnesses or as participants, about which they have never spoken. The ToldUntold project tells their stories, stories that people were afraid to share – until now. They are presented in 3 animated films, 2 radio documentaries and a theatrical monologue. Event is organized by dutch multimedia platform The Iron Curtain Project. All programme is in czech language, audio-stories with english subtitles.

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