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Sometimes the film screen isn't enough. More and more often documentaries are using the possibilities offered by the internet and other technologies. Visitors will be able to try out the latest web documentaries, games and virtual reality experiences in specially set up areas of the cinemas. Reservations are available after consulting with the staff.

Witness 360° 7/7

London, 7 July 2005. The tube and some bus stops are closed. Ambulance and police sirens can be heard throughout the entire city. There has just been a series of terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda. There are 52 dead and another 700 wounded. Jacqui survived the terrifying attack, but the horrors of that day keep on returning. Director Darren Emerson has very intimately captured not only the course of events that entire day, but also the post-traumatic shock suffered by the woman. This virtual reality documentary allows the viewer to step into Jacqui’s shoes and to penetrate into those recesses of the human mind that are difficult to describe in words.

DMZ: Memories of No Man´s Land

About 2 million landmines are buried along a border 250 km long. Hundreds of soldiers guard the area. Propaganda booms from loudspeakers day and night. The border between North and South Korea has officially been declared a demilitarised zone (DMZ), but the reek of war permeates the air at every step. Using virtual reality, this interactive animated project allows the viewer to experience the feelings of one of the border guards and opens the door to places normally inaccessible, including the control towers and the tents where official bilateral negotiations are held. It also shows a part of a country futilely calling for peace. No man’s land.

Waves of Grace

Approximately 28,000 infected and over 11,000 dead. The 2013 Ebola epidemic was one of the most horrific that West Africa has experienced over the past 2 decades. Decontee Davis survived the disease and is now immune against the virus. In her native Liberia she tries to help those still battling Ebola. By using virtual reality methods, this project offers viewers a glimpse into Decontee’s daily life. Unconventional camera angles and shots alternate with first-person views of the protagonist’s face. Will her prayers bring peace and recovery to her loved ones?

Falciani's SwissLeaks

In 2001 Hervé Falciani started working as an IT specialist for the Swiss branch of the international HSBC. In the course of his job he made a shocking discovery: more than 130,000 of the bank’s clients were involved in tax evasion. In 2008, he decided to make this information public and thus became the greatest bank whistleblower in history. This interactive web documentary places the viewer in Falciani’s position. Alongside various texts, graphs and videos it poses questions asking the viewer how they would behave if they found evidence of fraud. How many will decide to use the money for their own benefit? And how many will set out to battle the banking giants?

4 Stelle Hotel

In 2012, activists from the well-known Blocchi Precari Metropolitani movement and 200 migrant families occupied an abandoned luxury hotel on Rome’s outskirts with the common goal of creating conditions to ensure a more dignified life for people without homes. This web documentary uses photos, sound recordings and videos to present a unique social experiment, showing the colourful daily life in a place where more than 500 people of 30 different nationalities and various religions make their own rules for coexistence.

Do Not Track

Big Brother takes on many guises. In recent years complex digital social networks have become his favourite domain. We leave behind a lot of information on the Internet, things we can’t access ourselves: we aren’t able to define our privacy, much less decide what bits we are willing to share voluntarily. This interactive web series draws attention to the situation in a very thoughtful way. The individual videos, data visualisation and interactive elements are adapted to each user based on information obtained from their IP address and by linking to accounts to which the users themselves provide access when browsing the web.

Lahore Landing

Singaporean university students made this interactive documentary after discovering Pakistan isn’t just a country of terrorism, extremism and political instability. To draw attention to the unbalanced information the media provides and to discredit the resulting purely negative image, they provide viewers with an opportunity to explore life in Pakistan’s Lahore. Using photos, videos, recordings and text they track daily life and recall traumatic events (the December 2014 terrorist attack at the school in Peshawar) intertwined with the stories of 3 local activists.

Life on Hold

For over 4 years, the Syrian War has radically affected the local inhabitants: thousands have lost their lives; even more have had to flee the country. Neighbouring Lebanon has borne the brunt of this forced migration: over a million Syrians now live there, making up almost 25% of its population. This interactive web documentary uses videos, animation, photos and text to capture the plight of 10 Syrian refugees living under differing conditions throughout Lebanon.


Forced sterilisation is one of history’s most traumatic and most silenced phenomena. It reflects the ambitions of ruling powers to regulate society, suppress resistance and conceal fatal consequences at the individual and societal levels. This web project is a collective memory archive of Peruvians who were sterilised during President Alberto Fujimori’s regime in the 1990s. Over 4 years, his new ‘family planning’ affected over 270,000 women and 20,000 men. His belief was that an illiterate rural population, speaking its own language, would find it difficult to protest and resist. The project provides an opportunity to not only listen to the stories of those affected, but to also leave them a recorded message.

The Deeper They Bury Me

This project was inspired by the 2013 feature-length documentary Herman's House, about Herman Wallace, a prisoner who spent 40 years of his life in solitary confinement, and the artist who, on the basis of phone calls, started to build him his dream house. Interactive animation brings to life the core of the original project: overcoming life’s material conditions by making a prisoner’s fantasies and dreams tangible. The viewer has a mere 20 minutes to view Herman Wallace’s world – exactly the length of time per week a prisoner is allowed to make outside calls.

That Dragon, Cancer

Game developer Ryan Green started to design the unique video game That Dragon, Cancer when his year-old son, Joel, was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer. The hero is the brave knight Joel, who is stalked by the dragon named Cancer.

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