How to establish a human rights film festival? Check the new handbook

A second edition of the practical handbook for the human rights festival organisers from all over the world has been published!

Introducing the how's and what's of organizing a festival, the guide is published by the Human Rights Film Network (HRFN) as a celebration of its 10th birthday. The manual focuses on the specific needs of human rights film festivals in the developing world, where democratic systems are still emergent or non-existent, where press freedom is at stake and where film has become a key tool for social change. 

As a member of HRFN, One World contributed to the handbook as one of the editors, together with FiSahara in Algeria and Movies that Matter in the Netherlands. The informative case studies include experiences of the organizers from the Ukraine, Guatemala, Western Sahara, Sierra Leone or Burkina Faso.


Read the manual in Issuu
(with links to chapters)

1. We Are Making a Change, Don’t Forget: Introduction
2. Human Rights Film Festivals: Different Approaches to Change the World
3. Knowing Yourself and Your Audience: Programming a Human Rights Film Festival
4. Film Festivals with Guts: Security and Censorship
5. Now What Do You Think? Film Festivals as a Platform for Discussion
6. Who Is Organising It? Importance of Production and Team Members
7. The Nuts and Bolts: Technical Production
8. How to Successfully Promote Your Festival
9. Adding Water to the Soup Pot: Finding Resources for Your Festival
10. Did We Do It Right? Evaluating a Human Rights Film Festival

Case studies
Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Jordan: "Dignity, where to?"
Dare to Document: Advocating Human Rights Through Films in Malaysia
Sowing the Seeds for a Human Rights Film Festival in Burma
Ciné Droit Libre: A Festival of Mobile Cinema Screenings in Burkina Faso
FiSahara: A Film Festival in Exile
Docudays UA: a Festival in the Heart of a Citizen's Revolution
Human Rights Film Festival in Guatemala Ushers In Criticism And Dialogue
Opening Eyes in Sierra Leone: The Opin Yu Yi Human Rights Film Festival 
The Next Wave: Building a Legacy Through Education

Festival Members of Human Rights Film Network
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To download the first edition of the guide from 2009, click here.

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How to establish a human rights film festival? Check the new handbook

A second edition of the practical handbook for the human rights festival organisers from all over the world has been published! Introducing the how's......

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