Masterclass with Roman Bondarchuk: Ukrainian Sheriffs – A Story of the Wild East

08. 03. 2016 | 19:30:00
After film Ukrainian Sheriffs

How the idea to make a simple film about a typical Ukrainian village grew into a large film project that won an award at IDFA 2015, the largest European...

Masterclass on One World Interactively: Web and Virtual Worlds

09. 03. 2016 | 19:30:00
After film One World interactively

New media continue to offer new options for transforming the documentary genre. The makers of new interactive films use a broad range of methods: some...

Masterclass about iShorts’ Student Films: At Home on the Sea or on a Merry-go-round

10. 03. 2016 | 19:30:00
After film iShorts: Looking for Home

A series of student films presents the latest documentary shorts created at Central Europe’s leading film schools. Each of the films relates in...

Masterclass with Fredrik Gertten: From Bananas and Bikes to Football

11. 03. 2016 | 19:30:00
After film Bikes vs Cars

Fredrik Gertten is the most frequently referred to name in Swedish film, most acclaimed for his 2-film series Bananas!* and Big Boys Gone Bananas!* (which...

Masterclass with Zuzana Piussi: The Mafia and Politics in Investigative Documentaries

12. 03. 2016 | 19:30:00
After film Difficult Choice

Leading Slovakian filmmaker Zuzana Piussi isn’t afraid of risk. Each new film brings a controversial revelation, e.g. about how politics work, the...

Masterclass with Kari Anne Moe: Observational Approach in Documentary Film

13. 03. 2016 | 19:30:00
After film Rebels

The topic of Norwegian director Kari Anne Moe’s masterclass is how to get under young people’s skin. She combines her filmmaking skills with...

Masterclass about The Trials of Spring: Revolutionary Multimedia Social Impact Film

14. 03. 2016 | 19:30:00
After film The Trials of Spring

This masterclass is led by the team who created one of the most effective films about the consequences of Egypt’s Arab Spring. Moderated by Julianne...

Masterclass about film Queens of Syria: Where are the Women Directors?

15. 03. 2016 | 19:30:00
After film Queens of Syria

This masterclass, focusing on women in the European film world, will be led by producer Georgina Paget and Alexia Munos, the Deputy Director of the European...

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