Exhibition: There is no Place Like Home

7–16 March
Audience Centre Lucerna Gallery

When you visit the Audience Centre in the Lucerna Gallery, don't forget to take a careful look around. The walls of the centre are decorated with documentary photographs by Zuzana Samara capturing moments from the everyday lives of homeless people. The set of images is entitled "There's No Place Like Home" and will be on display throughout the festival.

Samara has long been interested in photography and the idea for the exhibition about people living on the streets occurred to her together with the vision to establish the Bez-DOMOVA endowment fund. When the Kofola company, which is owned by her husband, became the main partner of the One World Festival and LOOKING FOR HOME was chosen as the theme for 2016, the plans for the exhibition began to take on a clear outline.

The photographs were taken in the autumn of 2015 in Prague, Ostrava and Opava. In addition to the images, the photographer also took away the powerful personal stories of the people whom she met on her visits to makeshift dwellings and under bridges. "Every time I returned home I appreciated the fact that I'm not hungry, that I'm safe, that someone is waiting for me at home and that tomorrow will be another peaceful and predictable day," said Samara. "I was surprised that despite all of these terrible stories of hardship I was able to keep on an even keel and not judge anyone or feel sorry for them." Her photographs present a view of their subjects without preconceptions or criticism.





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