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April 19, 20:00

DEBATE: (Un)Heated Debate on Migration: Czech Contribution

With Šimon Pánek, People in Need Director, moderated by Jurek Kuczkiewicz, journalist, Le Soir.

Šimon Pánek was a student leader of the Czech Velvet Revolution in 1989. As the founder and director of the biggest Central European NGO working in the field of humanitarian aid, development assistance and support for freedom and democracy around the world is strongly involved in the current migration crisis. He will reflect on the Central European context of the migration crisis, share experience from the field and discuss the broader European dimension.  The discussion moderated by Jurek Kuczkiewicz from Le Soir takes place as part of the exhibition „Imagine Europe. In Search of New Narratives“ in which BOZAR is inviting artists, scientists and thinkers to present their vision of a future Europe. Organized in cooperation with Czech Embassy to Belgium.

Bozar Centre for Fine Arts, Rue Ravensteinstraat 23

This event is being held in cooperation with Czech Embassy to Belgium.

Free entrance. Reservation obligatory at


April 26, 13:00

ROUNDTABLE: A Real Change in Cuba?

Keynote speaker: Julio Aleaga, an independant journalist from Cuba

European Parliament, A5E3, Place Luxembourg

Has there been any tangible development in the area of human rights? What the 28 EU states should not forget?

The seventh round of negotiations between the EU and Cuba took place on March 11, 2016 in Havana between HRVP Federica Mogherini and Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. Since the EU and the Cuban government have sit down for the first time to negotiate the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement, there have been various reunions to set the basis of the future agreement. However, the Cuban government has not yet made ​​any concessions or laid out any foundations for real change, and human rights remain an issue that the EU does not put on the table during the negotiations.

PIN, in collaboration with MEP Tomáš Zdechovský, has invited two representatives of the Cuban independent civil society who will share their views on the EU - Cuba negotiations  and its impact on human rights.

After the debate People in Need will present the exhibition titled How Can the World Help Cuban Civil Society​ whose aim is to invite others to support the independent civil society in Cuba.

This event is being held in cooperation with MEP Tomáš Zdechovský.

Number of seats is limited, please register at least 3 days in advance at:

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