Awarded Films

The Grand Jury granted the Best Film Award, Best Director Award and Special Mention. It selected from among 15 documentaries in the Main Competition.

The Best Film Award: A Syrian Love Story

Sean McAllister | UK | 2015 | 75 min.

"The jury was impressed by the radical approach the director has chosen in the storytelling and by the braveness of the protagonists who allow the audience to experience an intimate story bringing out the human factor and an honest picture of a family in crisis amidst the political larger one," the jury said in a statement.

The Best Director Award: Behemoth

Liang Zhao | France, China | 2015 | 90 min.

"Liang Zhao is able to creatively craft a complex beautiful yet devastating image, mirroring the dialectic of the concrete to the basic values where he advocates for the fragile human and environmental state of our world. A director who manages with artistic precession and outstanding imagery to paint a loud and clear statement against violations caused by greed and illusions," the jury said in its decision.

The Václav Havel Jury awards the prize to a film that makes an exceptional contribution to the defence of human rights. They also decided to award a Special Mention. The jury selected from among 11 documentaries in the Right To Know category.

The Václav Havel Jury Award: Incorruptible

Chai Vasarhelyi | USA, Senegal | 2015 | 90 min.

"The documentary shows the importance of citizen participation to carry out successful democratic transitions, as well as the necessity that the international community supports the rights of the citizens to decide their own future. It shows that there exists a way to effectively express disagreement with the political leaders corrupted by the exercise of long-lasting power, accustomed to mass manipulation, and ruling without control mechanisms and transparency. Incorruptible shows that the people should always be aware of their own strength, whether in developing or highly developed societies," the jury said in a statement.

The Václav Havel Jury – A Special Mention: Hooligan Sparrow

Nanfu Wang | USA, China | 2016 | 84 min.

"This film exposes how individuals are subdued by one of the most powerful of the oppressive regimes in the world today: the Chinese, which is being imitated by other authoritarian and populist regimes around the world, through partial economic opening but denial of fundamental freedoms. Such a system does not lead to democracy, and consequently - it cannot bring true prosperity and stability to any society. We appreciate and express our solidarity with the values and the courage to speak out and defend citizens´ rights of both the protagonist, the human rights activist Ye Haiyan, and the film-maker of Hooligan Sparrow, Nanfu Wang," the jury said in a statement.

The Czech Radio Jury grants an award for the innovative use of music and sound in documentary film.

The Czech Radio Jury Award: They Will Have to Kill Us First

Johanna Schwartz | UK | 2015 | 95 min.

"The winner stands out among the rest of the films especially thanks to its high-quality contact sound and professional sound mix. The filmmakers work with original music connected to the setting, using it with loose transitions to accompany the film and support its authenticity. All this together with intense sound atmospheres of the exotic setting creates a variegated combination of image and sound, resulting in a wonderfully rich film experience. Depiction of joy during the unauthorized concert shows that the desire for fundamental human expressions, namely music, song and dance, cannot be silenced even by a war conflict," says the jury statement.

Student Jury selects from a school film collection. Its members are mainly high school students and organisers of the student film clubs of the One World at Schools project.

The Student Jury Award: Out of Fashion

Jaak Kilmi, Lennart Laberenz | Estonia | 2015 | 58 min.

"The film made students reflect upon overproduction, consumerism and waste of world’s resources in the fashion industry. This issue might not be one of the hottest topics currently discussed but it must not be overlooked as it is becoming more and more pressing. The main protagonist offers a simple and effective solution. It remains up to us whether we will embrace it or not,"  says the jury statement.

Avast Foundation Audience Award: Sonita

Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami | Iran, Germany, Switzerland | 2015 | 91 min.


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