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Viva Cuba Libre: Rap is War

Viva Cuba Libre: Rap is War
Jesse Acevedo / Cuba, USA / 2013 / 60 min.


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Director Jesse Acevedo reveals the dark side of life on the "Island of Freedom", which is not found in the catalogues of travel agencies. Under the threat of prison, he follows the rap group Los Aldeanos, which lends its voice to all Cubans who have been unjustly persecuted, tyrannized and abused by the state. The government forbids their music; concerts are held in secret in remote parts of the country. From time to time, the rappers themselves end up in jail. But the idea of freedom spread by the musicians cannot be repressed.


06 .03. / 19:15
Lucerna – Large Hall
+ Debate
07 .03. / 20:00
Svetozor – Small Hall
+ DebateSold out
10 .03. / 17:30
+ DebateSold out
12 .03. / 21:30
Atlas – Large Hall

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Jesse Acevedo
La Pasion Cine
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