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The Little Guerrilla Girl

The Little Guerrilla Girl
Giancarlo Bocchi / Italy, UK, Burma / 2013 / 40 min.


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The Karen people in Burma have been fighting for freedom for 70 years – first against Japan, and today against the Burmese government. The bloody clashes for independence take place mainly in the impenetrable jungle area near the border with Thailand. The current easing of the regime has not helped the Karen people, who still live in poverty, fear and suffering. The fate of this oppressed ethnic group is also experienced first-hand by a young girl named Zoya Phan, who had to flee to London in order to survive. The film follows Zoya as she returns to her native country to attend the funeral of her murdered father and to record the stories of soldiers and locals.


07 .03. / 20:00
+ Debate
08 .03. / 16:00
Atlas – Small Hall
+ Debate
09 .03. / 16:00
Svetozor – Small Hall

Journeys to Freedom


Giancarlo Bocchi
IMC Independent Movie Company
Via XXIV Maggio 38
43100 Parma

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