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FC Rwanda

FC Rwanda
Joris Postema / Netherlands / 2013 / 57 min.


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Against the backdrop of a football match between implacable rivals – the army club ARP and popular civilian club Rayon Sport – stories unfold that go far beyond the borders of sport. The question of the ethnicity of the athletes and their fans suddenly rises to the surface during a key match. In the wake of the bloody genocide that claimed up to one million Rwandan lives, President Paul Kagame has been striving for reconciliation between ethnic Hutus and Tutsis for the past 20 years. But this film, by director Joris Postema, shows that the government’s decreed and enforced policy of reconciliation is not so easy to accept after the horrors that have taken place here. Radio broadcasts from August 1994 illustrate the story of the schism that the "children of genocide" generation is experiencing today.


07 .03. / 17:15
Svetozor – Large Hall
+ Debate
08 .03. / 15:30
Atlas – Large Hall
+ Debate
09 .03. / 16:00
Atlas – Small Hall

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