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Human Rights Film Network

One World Festival is a founder of the Human Rights Film Network (HRFN), a network of human rights film festivals around the world.

Films and videos are now an integral part – or even crucial feature – of activism, education, political appeals and the sharing of similar personal experiences from regions that would otherwise be very far away. The success of a number of feature films and documentaries with human rights themes is also evidence of the need for the general public to find out about social and political issues outside of a simple news-reporting context.

Consequently, new human rights festivals are being established every year and there are a growing number of thematic categories and special awards devoted to human rights at important international film festivals.

Human Rights Film Network aims to assist the activities of individual festivals and create new platforms for common projects. Besides promoting the distribution of films with human rights themes at festivals as well as on Internet platforms, television stations and at educational institutions, HRFN strives to help nascent festivals and create a supportive environment for filmmakers, particularly those who risk their lives to make movies or are stifled by censorship.

Film is a powerful medium. It opens eyes to the world around us and touches and inspires audiences. Those who can make a difference. A growing number of film festivals dedicated to the promotion of human rights and dignity are springing up around the world. They cooperate in the Human Rights Film Network.

The network supports the activities of individual festivals and creates new platforms and joint projects. It promotes the distribution of films with human rights themes at festivals worldwide. It also assists the establishment of new festivals. As such, the network creates an international supportive environment of human rights films and filmmakers.


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