Sofia's Last Ambulance | Film Festival One World 2013
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Sofia's Last Ambulance

Sofia's Last Ambulance
Ilian Metev / Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany / 2012 / 76 min.

They save human lives and witness pain, misfortune and troubled life stories daily. The work of paramedics in Sofia is tough. There are only 13 rapid medical assistance crews in the Bulgarian city with a population of 1.2 million. Their work is complicated by old-fashioned equipment and at times even by the people themselves and their unreasonable demands. We follow a three-person team led by Dr. Yordanov. Calls are dispatched, an address provided and the problem reported. Then the crew speeds to the spot, attends to the patient and transports him to the hospital. This cycle is repeated with all kinds of variations. The film captures a number of intense situations when life is on the line. In a unique manner, it reveals the various demands that are part of the paramedic profession in Bulgaria’s poor health system. The main role belongs not to the injured but to the crew, whose work and admirable dedication is unfortunately entirely unappreciated. The camera factually documents procedures and attempts to capture what paramedics go through in such moments. Despite frequently looking death in the face, they manage to maintain a necessary humorous outlook.

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