Exhibition: Syria – Prisoners of the Conflict | Film Festival One World 2013
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Exhibition: Syria – Prisoners of the Conflict

The exhibition called ‘Syria – Prisoners of the Conflict‘ introduces a collection of twenty pictures by a Czech photographer Iva Zímová, who travelled to Syria at the turn of the year. The country has been ravaged by the conflict between the regime of president Bashar al-Asad and the opposition forces for almost two years.

The photographs capture a day-to-day reality of common people in the biggest Syrian city of Aleppo striving to lead their ordinary lives in the immediate vicinity of the horrors of war. Being crushed by constant fighting, cold or food shortage, they are struggling to maintain their dignity, first and foremost.

Powerfully yet sensitively, she illustrates everyday hardships of the Syrians – desperate seeking for bread and firewood, or problems with heaps of refuse no one is able to collect. She also pays attention to children, whose world has been invaded by the war, and to internally displaced persons, who have been trying to escape death while succumbing to the creeping dread of war. Directly in the country, the conflict victims are being aided by People in Need NGO.

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