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That's Life

Takie zycie
Daniel Zielinski / Poland / 2010 / 27 min.

Wit Zieliński, who is retired, lives with and takes care of his mother in a house in the Polish countryside. He helps her wash, cooks and feeds her, and talks with her. Though she does sometimes sing patriotic songs, the old woman rarely speaks, and is gradually losing her memory. Daniel Zieliński ...


That's the Way I See It - Amia

Tak to vidím já - Amia
Břetislav Rychlík / Czech Republic / 2010 / 15 min.

Six-year-old Amia lives with her parents and younger brother Schiva on a farm amidst the solitude of the mountainous Šumava region. She is surrounded by nature and helps her parents look after the farm animals. She would like to be a mare or a fairy. The purpose in life for the entire family, which ...


The 4th Revolution - Energy Autonomy

Die 4. Revolution - Energy Autonomy
Carl-A. Fechner / Germany / 2010 / 83 min.

The German politician and impassioned scientist Hermann Scheer insists in Carl-A. Fechner's film that we have only around 30 years left before we simply have to switch over to renewable energy sources. Scheer and the other protagonists in this visually impressive film - who include renowned experts, ...


The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
Jamie Doran / UK / 2010 / 52 min.

Bacha Bazi, which translates as "boy's game", is the name of an old Afghan tradition under which pubescent boys dress as women and perform dances for the pleasure of adult men. The custom, particularly widespread in the north of the country, has flourished in recent years as former army commanders and ...


The Furious Force of Rhymes

Hip-Hop, le monde est a vous!
Joshua Atesh Litle / France / 2010 / 82 min.

Do you sometime think life has gone a bit flat? Have you ever said to yourself that things are going so badly it couldn't get any worse? Have you ever tried to catch your own shadow? If the answer is yes, then you are ripe for The Furious Force of Rhymes. In this documentary, dissatisfaction and frustration ...


The Game Must Go On

Ta Paidia Den Paizei
Angeli Andrikopoulou, Argyris Tsepelikas / Greece / 2010 / 22 min.

Greek schoolchildren Alexandra, Vlad and Chrysa love football. Every day, after school, they gather in front of their building to play an intense game of ball. But their neighbours don't like it and regularly drive the kids away. But where else can they go, if there is no play area anywhere nearby? ...


The Grandchildren of the Cuban Revolution

Los Nietos de la Revolución Cubana
Carlos Montaner / USA / 2010 / 60 min.

There is no point working or studying in this country, says young Merci on the streets of the Cuban capital Havana. When Javi, a student, is asked what sacrifices he is willing to make for the ideas of the revolution, he gives the camera the finger. According to some, a new opposition is growing on ...


The Green Wave

The Green Wave
Ali Samadi Ahadi / Germany, Iran / 2010 / 80 min.

Last year's presidential elections in Iran aroused the nation from its lethargy. For the first time in years, the younger generation felt that there was a chance for change. Hundreds of thousands of them took to the streets in support of the reform candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi. Electrifying hope gave ...


The Housemaid

Die Haushaltshilfe
Anna Hoffmann / Germany / 2009 / 60 min.

At the urging of her mother, Martina Ondécková, who is from the small town of Giraltovce in eastern Slovakia, has moved to Germany to find a job. The 25-year-old looks after the bedbound Max and his wife, who is in a wheelchair. Martina soon realises that looking after the couple is a fulltime task ...


The Market

The Market
Rama Rau / Canada / 2010 / 70 min.

In India, selling one's kidneys on the black market in an effort to keep the wolf from the door is not uncommon, even though it is against the law. Demand is rising, with Western clients paying 60,000 dollars for healthy organs. However, the "donors" receive at most 200 dollars, money which immediately ...


The Other Chelsea - A Story from Donetsk

The Other Chelsea - Eine Geschichte aus Donezk
Jakob Preuss / Germany / 2010 / 88 min.

If you come from the Ukrainian city of Donetsk, it goes without saying that you are a passionate fan of the local football club Shakhtar and that the "Orange Revolution" was not for you. In no other city did the "blue opposition" of the current Ukrainian president and naturally passionate Shakhtar fan ...


The Pipe

The Pipe
Risteard O Domhnaill / Ireland / 2010 / 83 min.

This film by director Risteard O'Domhnaill is an engrossing account of an unequal four-year battle between the inhabitants of the Irish fishing village Rossport and the Shell corporation. After the multinational company had found natural gas deposits in the sea nearby, it began building a pipeline, ...


The World According to Ion B.

Lumea vazuta de Ion B.
Alexander Nanau / Romania / 2009 / 61 min.

A dirty, perennially drunken man in his sixties has lived for years on a mattress among the bins in the courtyard of a Bucharest apartment building. His name is Ion Barladeanu and he is currently one of the most sought-after modern Romanian artists. In an old suitcase, he has stashed his brilliant collages, ...



Jo Menell / South Africa / 2010 / 48 min.

At present in the Republic of South Africa, there are more than five million people with AIDS. Most of them don't want to talk about their illness. These people are convinced that their life lost its purpose the moment they were diagnosed as HIV-positive. This, however, does not apply to the young African ...


Thieves by Law

Ganavim Ba Hok
Alexander Gentelev / Israel, Germany, Spain / 2010 / 91 min.

They didn't learn about life in school, but in prison, which is where they also selected their future associates. For them, a tattoo is not an adornment, but an expression of their contempt for the authorities and a sign that they belong to a certain prison caste and its hierarchy. They have never worked ...


This Chair Is Not Me

This Chair Is Not Me
Andy Taylor Smith / UK / 2010 / 10 min.

Alan Martin was born with a severe form of cerebral palsy. Since birth he has been confined to a wheelchair whilst being unable to communicate with those around him. Despite the fact that he has been overlooked and ignored his whole life, he refuses to simply resign himself to this situation. His life ...


Three Gifts

Tři dary
Erika Hníková / Czech Republic / 2011 / 26 min.

In Three Gifts, documentary film-maker Erika Hníková follows the footsteps of Czech humanitarian aid in Afghanistan. This takes her to the north of the country, where the People in Need foundation has already spent many years striving to improve the living conditions of the local people. They are ...


Try I Will

Ci Provo
Susana Pilgrim / Italy / 2010 / 62 min.

Twenty-three-year-old Italian Luigi Fantinelli studies at a university in Bologna and is applying for a study placement in Spain within the framework of the Socrates Erasmus programme. Of the more than two million students who have participated in this programme, he is the very first who has Down's ...