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Love During Wartime

Love During Wartime
Gabriella Bier / Sweden, Denmark / 2010 / 92 min.

Love during Wartime is a Romeo and Juliet for our times. Two star-crossed lovers decide to take on the world with the only weapon they have - their love for each other, which emerged from the rubble of demolished houses and the hopelessness of the conflict in the Middle East. Osama is a sculptor and ...


Love Me, Please

Lubite menia, pojaluista
Valery Balayan / Russia / 2010 / 75 min.

In Valery Balayan's film, a female journalist from the Russian opposition newspaper Novaja Gazeta says its writers have the highest death rate among reporters. The worst thing is the feeling that anything could happen, she adds. Anastasia Baburova, one of the daily's journalists, died after being shot ...