Great Opportunity | Film Festival One World 2011
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Great Opportunity

Skvělá příležitost
Vít Janeček / Czech Republic / 2011 / 64 min.

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Labour agents promise locals in Mongolia a much better life if they move to the Czech Republic to work. Many are attracted by the idea. They sell their homes and travel the long distance west. However, what they find is not what they had been led to expect. They do manual labour in shifts of up to 14 hours and are left with little cash after expenses are docked from their pay packets. Ignorance of Czech law and the language barrier lead to problems that can culminate in serious debts. Director Vít Janeček records the testimonies of several Mongolian families who have to contend with difficult working and living conditions. One family is trying to get a visa for a sick child in Mongolia; another is saving for their daughter's education. Meanwhile, their Czech neighbours view them through the prism of racial stereotypes. Is it possible to secure your rights when neither the law nor the public is on your side?



14.03. / 19:30 / Světozor velký sál
+ Debate: světová premiéra za účasti tvůrců/world premier with filmmakers
17.03. / 17:30 / Atlas velký sál


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Vít Janeček

Czech Republic