Emergency Shelter | Film Festival One World 2011
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Emergency Shelter

Yingji Binan Changsuo
He Yang / China / 2010 / 51 min.

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In 2001, when China celebrated Beijing's successful candidacy for the 2008 Olympic Games, Ni Yulan worked as a business lawyer for a large commercial corporation. The celebratory songs in the streets of the capital city had barely died out before they were replaced by the sound of wrecking balls. Buildings that stood in the way of future sports facilities, approach roads or hotels, were mercilessly demolished by the authorities. The consent of the owners of these buildings was not necessary, and compensation depended on how much influence one had. Ni Yulan began defending the victims of these forcible evictions in the courts. In the years that followed, she was arrested several times by the police, who beat her and tortured her to such an extent that she can no longer walk unaided. Twice she ended up in jail, and she was last released in April 2010. Her own home had been demolished in the meantime. She tells her story from her wheelchair in a park by a busy road, where she sleeps in a tent with her husband. This uncompromising filmic chronicle (which undeniably looks like it wasn't shot by professional documentary-makers, but by courageous human rights activists) follows their everyday life on the street and offers surprisingly open testimony from people for whom the great Olympic dream turned into a nightmare.



11.03. / 20:00 / Městská knihovna
14.03. / 21:15 / Divadlo Archa
+ Debate: Jana Heřmanová (sinoložka/sinologist) + moderator: Marek Svoboda


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