Me & My Nose | Film Festival One World 2011
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Me & My Nose

Me & My Nose
Ziska Szemes / Denmark, Sweden / 2009 / 28 min.

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Ziska Szemes was born and raised in Sweden. For as long as she can remember, she has been bothered by the fact that nobody considers her to be a Swede because of her large, hook nose and black hair. Consequently, when she is on the cusp of middle age, she decides to undergo plastic surgery to get a "Swedish nose". Setting out on a personal journey that should allow her to fulfil her dream of "looking like everybody else", she debates the subject with genetic specialists, who study her Hungarian-Indian roots, she also talks to experts in ethnicity and a plastic surgeon. She also discusses the issue with herself. This film, interlaced with humorous animated scenes, takes an ironic look at how we label people according to their appearance, and it asks what really determines our identity when we all actually originate from Africa…



13.03. / 16:30 / Divadlo Archa
14.03. / 17:30 / Ponrepo


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