Village without Women | Film Festival One World 2011
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Village without Women

Selo bez žena
Srdjan Sarenac / France, Serbia, Croatia / 2010 / 83 min.

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There are only eight inhabitants left in the Serbian village of Zabrdje, all of them men, and all of them single. Brothers Zoran, Rado and Dragan live together in a house covered in pictures of models cut from men's magazines. They do their daily chores, raise sheep, and have never heard of the internet. The absence of women is extremely hard for the three to bear. Only Zoran actively tries to find a bride, though he has no luck in Serbia. In nearby Albania, there are more women than men, so he travels there with the aim of finding the most attractive woman he can. Srdjan Sarenac's documentary shows how lives can be affected by the cultural and religious differences between different ethnic groups. Deciding to find a partner in another country is far from simple. Furthermore, life in a small village in the mountains where the houses have earth floors and no bathrooms is hardly appealing to most contemporary women. How can a villager living far from civilisation and primarily seeking a housekeeper find a bride? Are such villages doomed to die out?



11.03. / 17:30 / Evald
13.03. / 22:00 / Atlas malý sál
16.03. / 17:15 / Světozor velký sál
+ Debate: Srdjan Sarenac (režisér/director) + moderator: Zuzana Raušová




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