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Cuchillo de Palo
Renate Costa / Spain / 2010 / 93 min.

To this day, it is as though the number 108 is jinxed in Paraguay. It is not used for houses, cars or hotel-room doors. To call someone by this number is an insult. Nowadays, many Paraguayans don't even know why this is the case. In a very personal documentary, director Renate Costa investigates the ...


8: The Mormon Proposition

8: The Mormon Proposition
Reed Cowan / USA / 2010 / 81 min.

The biggest threat to the United States of America is not nuclear arms, global climate change or even the economic crisis, but gays. At least that's what Utah Senator and Mormon Bishop Chris Buttars thinks. He is well known for his homophobic statements, in which he confidently compares homosexuality ...


A Diary of Healing

Mes deux seins, journal d’une guérison
Marie Mandy / France, Belgium / 2010 / 91 min.

One day, director Marie Mandy discovered she had breast cancer. In one fell swoop, her life was changed by the awareness of being in mortal danger and her own feeling of powerlessness. That's why she decided to shoot a film about her difficult road to recovery. The resulting quest by this director-cum-patient ...


A Film Unfinished

Stikat Haarchiyon
Yael Hersonski / Israel / 2010 / 89 min.

Long after the Second World War ended, four reels of film were found in a Nazi safe in a German mountain retreat. Simply labelled "Ghetto", this film contained footage of everyday life in the Warsaw Ghetto, which was often ingeniously staged so that it could be used as anti-Jewish Nazi propaganda. Israeli ...


Agnus Dei: Lamb of God

Agnus Dei: Cordero de Dios
Alejandra Sánchez / Mexico, France / 2010 / 84 min.

Like many other boys from religious families, from the very outset, Jesús Colin was captivated as a small child by the atmosphere of Catholic ceremonies in Mexican churches. He wanted to become an altar boy and later a priest. At just eleven years of age however, this dream began to turn into a nightmare. ...


All for the Good of the World and Nosovice

Vše pro dobro světa a Nošovic
Vít Klusák / Czech Republic / 2010 / 82 min.

The construction of a Hyundai car plant in Nošovice, north Moravia, was accompanied by conflict, heated emotions and media interest. The purchase of agricultural land by the company resulted in threats being made to villagers unwilling to sell their properties. In the end, they gave in and an industrial ...


Auf Wiedersehen Finnland

Auf Wiedersehen Finnland
Virpi Suutari / Finland / 2010 / 78 min.

Even if somebody denounces you because we left with them, don't hold it against us. I had no choice. This is what Finnish woman Kaisu wrote in a farewell letter in 1944. At the time, Finland had ended its alliance with fascist Germany, which began withdrawing its 200,000 troops from the country. Several ...


Autumn Gold

Jan Tenhaven / Germany, Austria / 2010 / 94 min.

This film offers a sensitive, formally elegant, and occasionally cheerful portrait of five athletes competing at the 18th international senior citizen World Masters Championships in the Finnish city of Lahti. The makers of this documentary elegantly show us how well one can preserve a healthy spirit, ...


Baghdad Film School

Bagdad Filmschool
Shuchen Tan / Netherlands / 2010 / 60 min.

In 2003, a few months after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, documentarymaker Maysoon Pachachi and her fellow colleague of Iraqi origin Kasim Abid decided to establish a film school in Baghdad. This institution had to close down after two years following a bomb attack in its immediate vicinity. ...



Michel Kapteijns / Netherlands / 2010 / 74 min.

With its woods, sunshine and clear water, who would think the idyllic island of Bastoy, south of the Norwegian capital Oslo, was a prison? But a prison it is; one where over 100 men convicted of drug, sexual, violent and property crimes serve the remainders of their sentences. There are no cells, cameras ...


Bathing Micky

Micky bader
Frida Kempff / Sweden / 2010 / 14 min.

Everybody calls Ebba Heyman, who is 100 years old, Micky. The Dane has a lifelong hobby: she goes swimming in the sea at all times of the year, whatever the weather. She says having a hobby is important, as it helps one get to know new people of all ages and overcome life's vicissitudes. It's important ...


Bear Islands

Medvědí ostrovy
Martin Ryšavý / Czech Republic / 2010 / 70 min.

Bear Islands is Martin Ryšavý's follow up to his previous projects focusing on the far-eastern Russian region of Yakutia (the Sacha Republic). This film focuses on the people from the most remote part of this territory, which is the Nizhnekolymsky District. It primarily concentrates on the inhabitants ...


Blood Calls You

Blood Calls You
Linda Thorgren / Sweden, Finland, Norway / 2010 / 97 min.

Director Linda Thorgren, whose mother is Cuban and whose father is Swedish, herself hears the "call of blood", setting out for Cuba, where she falls for Alexis. After they marry, their Havana love story turns into a nightmare in Europe, when Thorgren finds herself a victim of domestic violence, beaten ...


Blood in the Mobile

Blod i mobilen
Frank Piasecki Poulsen / Denmark, Germany / 2010 / 82 min.

Has it ever occurred to you that your mobile phone could contain precious minerals stained with the blood of war victims from the Democratic Republic of Congo? And that each phone call indirectly supports the biggest military conflict since the Second World War (which has claimed the lives of five million ...



Julia Bacha / Palestine, Israel, USA / 2009 / 79 min.

Ayed Morrar lives with his family in the village of Budrus. Like many communities in the Palestinian Territory, it is due to be separated by Israel's security wall. Local people are going to lose part of the place they have called home for many long years. One local tells the camera that when an outsider ...



Michelle Coomber / UK / 2010 / 12 min.

In the local tongue, the name of Bangladesh's Buriganga River means "higher life". Since time immemorial, countless Bangladeshi's have relied on the river as the source of their livelihood. But times are changing, as Michelle Coomber's short film illustrates. Wastewater from many local factories and ...


Cameroon, Coming Out of the Nkuta

Cameroun, sortir du nkuta
Céline Metzger / France / 2009 / 52 min.

In 1972, nearly 12 years after declaring national independence, a law came into effect in Cameroon, which made homosexuality a criminal offence that could be punished by up to five years in prison. In 2006, the local tabloid press published a list of 50 people from the upper echelons of society who ...


Camp Victory Afghanistan

Camp Victory Afghanistan
Carol Dysinger / USA / 2010 / 84 min.

The US National Guard has been given a difficult task: to turn Afghan refugees, illiterate farmers, and occasional fighters into a future army with defence capabilities. In 2005, this involved several logical steps that were meant to follow each other in a progressive sequence, i.e. to defeat the Taliban, ...


Catenaccio a la Drnovice Or Journey to the Beginning of Time of Economic Transformation

Drnovické catenaccio aneb Cesta do pravěku ekonomické transformace
Radim Procházka / Czech Republic / 2010 / 57 min.

Documentary-maker Radim Procházka approaches the now half-forgotten case of the Drnovice football club with investigative fervour and some ironic insight. His film charts the miraculous rise and sharp decline of a local football team from Drnovice, which comprises a community of only 2,200 people. ...


Coal in the Soul

Ženy SHR
Martin Dušek, Ondřej Provazník / Czech Republic / 2010 / 58 min.

Hana Krejčová, a castle warden in Horní Jiřetín in north Bohemia, and Liběna Novotná, a spokeswoman for Czech Coal, have diametrically opposing views on the important things in life. The former is fighting to preserve the local landscape and protect cultural monuments. The latter, meanwhile, ...


Congo in Four Acts

Congo en Quatre Acts
Dieudo Hamadi, Divita Wa Lusala, Kiripi Katembo Siku / Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa / 2010 / 69 min.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the fourth biggest state in Africa. Though it possesses enormous mineral wealth its citizens are mired in poverty. This quartet of short, unpolished documentaries captures the tough reality in four parts of the desolate central African state. In the first film, Congolese ...


Day after the Long Night

Po dlouhé noci den
Tomáš Kudrna / Czech Republic, Germany / 2011 / 89 min.

Czech Libuše Audrlická, Polish Barbara Müller, and Ukrainian Inna Klimenková were three women out of a total of 13 million people who were employed as forced labour in the Third Reich during the Second World War. For the most part, monotonous work in ammunition factories or in agriculture represented ...


Dish: Women, Waitressing & The Art of Service

Dish: Women, Waitressing & The Art of Service
Maya Gallus / Canada / 2010 / 68 min.

There are far more waitresses in the world than waiters. Why is that? Why do longdistance truckers want women to wait on them? By contrast, why are waiters more common in upscale restaurants? Why do Japanese men like playing a game of master and maid with waitresses? And why do some women work at topless ...


Draquila - Italy Trembles

Draquila – L’Italia che trema
Sabina Guzzanti / Italy / 2010 / 97 min.

In 2009, at a time when Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's popularity was rapidly declining, the Italian town of Aquila suffered a devastating earthquake, which buried hundreds of people and left many thousands more homeless. The Italian prime minister immediately seized the opportunity, and ...


Earthlings, Who Are You Voting For?

Pozemšťané, koho budete volit?
Linda Jablonská / Czech Republic / 2010 / 40 min.

Paroubek, who are you voting for? shouts Aleš Koudela at the now former chairman of the Czech Social Democrats during a party meeting in the town of Litoměřice. Koudela is a member of Inventura (Inventory), a group which supports arts and journalism projects by people who are mentally handicapped. ...


Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement

Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement
Susan Muska, Greta Olafsdottir / USA / 2009 / 61 min.

Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer met in New York in 1966. They started going out with one another and have been a couple ever since. Thea is the daughter of Jewish immigrants from Netherlands who fled to England in 1939 before the Holocaust. Thea has no memories of her mother, because she died when she was ...


El Sicario - Room 164

El Sicario - Room 164
Gianfranco Rosi / France, Italy / 2010 / 84 min.

El Sicario is a specialist in kidnappings, torture, and contract killings. For a number of years, he was a unit commander with the Mexican state police and he even completed training with the FBI. While working for Mexican drugs cartels over the course of 20 years, he has killed hundreds of people, ...


Emergency Shelter

Yingji Binan Changsuo
He Yang / China / 2010 / 51 min.

In 2001, when China celebrated Beijing's successful candidacy for the 2008 Olympic Games, Ni Yulan worked as a business lawyer for a large commercial corporation. The celebratory songs in the streets of the capital city had barely died out before they were replaced by the sound of wrecking balls. Buildings ...



Nadine Kuipers / Netherlands / 2010 / 55 min.

The roles of parents and children can sometimes be reversed, as demonstrated by Dutch director Nadine Kuipers in her documentary. This film student and former model grew up with her father and his parents, because her mother couldn't kick her drug habit. Nadine did not re-establish contact with her ...


Eyes of a Tiger

Oči tygra
Jana Počtová / Czech Republic / 2011 / 41 min.

It's better to go boxing than to be bored at home or to just hang around the streets, says one secondary school student from the Prague district of Žižkov, explaining why he visits the local gym several times a week. The Oči tygra ("Eyes of a Tiger") boxing club was opened years ago by the former ...



Mikael Wiström, Alberto Herskovits / Sweden / 2010 / 82 min.

The main characters of Mikael Wiström and Alberto Herskovits's documentary are the members of a poor Peruvian family. Even though they no longer have to live in a temporary wooden dwelling right next to a dump, and Daniel, the father, goes out to work every day to earn a living on his motorbike taxi, ...


Four Velvet Men Then and Now - Jan Ruml

Evoluce 4 z revoluce - Jan Ruml
Jan Šikl, Pavel Koutecký / Czech Republic / 2010 / 57 min.

Twenty years ago, filmmaker Pavel Koutecký began following the stories of four people who actively took part in Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution: musician Michael Kocáb, dissident Jan Ruml and students Kryštof Rímský and Martin Mejstřík. After Koutecký's death, the project was taken on by ...


Four Velvet Men Then and Now - Martin Mejstřík

Evoluce 4 z revoluce - Martin Mejstřík
Jan Šikl, Pavel Koutecký / Czech Republic / 2010 / 57 min.

Twenty years ago, filmmaker Pavel Koutecký began following the stories of four people who actively took part in Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution: musician Michael Kocáb, dissident Jan Ruml and students Kryštof Rímský and Martin Mejstřík. After Koutecký's death, the project was taken on by ...


Freedom Riders

Freedom Riders
Stanley Nelson / USA / 2010 / 113 min.

In May 1961, two groups of young people, comprising whites and African- Americans, left Washington on bus routes bound for the southern states of the USA. They called themselves the Freedom Riders. Mostly consisting of American university students, they wanted to draw attention to legislation in some ...


Future of Hope

Future of Hope
Henry Bateman / UK, Iceland / 2010 / 75 min.

In October 2008, Iceland was hit hard by the financial crisis. The system of loans and living on credit, which the islanders had become far too accustomed to, collapsed like a house of cards. At that moment, it became clear to Icelanders that they would have to begin again and, above all, do things ...


Good Morning Africa

Good Morning Africa
Chiara Sambuchi / Germany, Uganda, Senegal, Mozambique, Lesotho / 2010 / 85 min.

Chiara Sambuchi's film presents four strong African women. Ndeye is nicknamed Madame Garage, because she has opened her own service station in the Senegalese capital Dakar. She enjoys working with cars and plans to get married and start a family. However, she does not like having to share her partner ...



Pamela Yates / USA / 2011 / 103 min.

Granito is an engrossing new documentary by American filmmaker Pamela Yates, which maps the history of genocide in Guatemala. The film follows a convoluted quest for justice in the style of a political thriller. At the same time, it also comprises the director's own personal testimony. The story begins ...


Great Opportunity

Skvělá příležitost
Vít Janeček / Czech Republic / 2011 / 64 min.

Labour agents promise locals in Mongolia a much better life if they move to the Czech Republic to work. Many are attracted by the idea. They sell their homes and travel the long distance west. However, what they find is not what they had been led to expect. They do manual labour in shifts of up to 14 ...


Heaven, Hell

Nebe, peklo
David Čálek / Czech Republic / 2010 / 82 min.

In his latest film, Czech documentarist David Čálek presents a loosely linked mosaic of people of different ages and backgrounds who all find pleasure in pain and do not hide their unusual proclivities. Freely joined portraits of Altair, whose weakness is the world of horses, Froném who loves latex ...


Home is not Home

Heim ist nicht Daheim
Julia Laggner / Austria / 2010 / 57 min.

The four protagonists of Julia Laggner's documentary live in an Austrian lodging house for senior citizens. Each of them has a different take on life. Some cannot come to terms with the fact that they have had to leave their own home, and they still see the lodging house as a temporary arrangement, ...


I Bought a Rainforest

Jag köpte en regnskog
Helena Nygren, Jacob Andrén / Sweden / 2010 / 58 min.

Like hundreds of thousands of Swedish schoolchildren, when Jacob Andrén was eight years old he got involved in a public collection to save the rainforests. At the time, the money that was collected was sent to Latin America, where it was meant to be used for purchasing part of a rainforest in order ...


I Was Worth 50 Sheep

Jag var värd 50 Lamm
Nima Sarvestani / Sweden / 2010 / 52 min.

Many Afghan men are followers of radical Islam and honour the tradition of trading in wives, who are a generation younger and whom they sometimes don't treat any better than a dog. This is also the case with 16-year-old Sabere, whose father died when she was seven years old, which resulted in her being ...


I Won't Go

I Won't Go
Georgina Hurcombe / UK / 2010 / 28 min.

Oli Truss, who is 90, lives alone in the UK in a ramshackle house with a cat, a dog, and a pony. The director Georgina Hurcombe sought out the subject who had tutored her as a child in mathematics and had already been concidered eccentric in her local village back then. Oli says she likes it when visitors ...


In the Lands of Silence - Nikolai and Ludmila

V krajinách ticha - Nikolaj a Ludmila
Zdeněk N. Bričkovský / Czech Republic / 2011 / 65 min.

While shooting his latest film, which takes place in the Siberian taiga region, fate led documentary-maker Zdeněk N. Bričkovský to Nikolaj and Ludmila. Even though they don't know each other, they have a lot in common. Fifty-year-old Ludmila lives alone on the edge of the forgotten Siberian village ...


In the Name of the Family

In the Name of the Family
Shelley Saywell / Canada / 2010 / 60 min.

According to UN reports, approximately 5,000 honour killings occur around the world every year. The bulk of these crimes take place in the Middle East and southeast Asia, but they happen in Western countries as well. Shelley Saywell, the director of this disturbing film initially looks at a story from ...


Inside Disaster

Inside Disaster
Nadine Pequeneza / Canada / 2010 / 87 min.

More than 250,000 people died in Haiti during a devastating earthquake in January in 2010. Another 300,000 were injured and half a million lost their homes. Help from humanitarian organisations from countries around the world, including People in Need, was not long in coming. Even for very experienced ...


Into the Current: Burma's Political Prisoners

Into the Current: Burma's Political Prisoners
Jeanne Hallacy / Thailand, Burma / 2011 / 87 min.

Despite the fact that Bo Kyi is a distinguished human rights campaigner, he does not really seek media attention. As far back as 1988, he stood with the students who actively headed demonstrations against the military regime in Burma. After an armed crackdown by the military junta, which left more than ...


Justice for Sergei

Justice for Sergei
Hans Hermans, Martin Maat / Netherlands / 2011 / 62 min.

Contemporary Russia faces a host of problems. One is corruption, which plagues the state administration and governing authorities from top to bottom. At the same time, there are people who are unwilling to accept this alarming state of affairs. One such citizen was tax lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who uncovered ...


Kapitalism - Our Improved Formula

Kapitalism - Reteta Noastra Secreta
Alexandru Solomon / Romania, France / 2010 / 76 min.

If the dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu were to return to his native Romania 20 years after his execution, he would be a happy man. The country is in the hands of his former close associates and it is rife with corruption and protectionism, just like it was under communism. With his own brand of hyperbole, ...


Karla's Arrival

Karla's Arrival
Koen Suidgeest / Spain, Belgium, USA / 2011 / 90 min.

Karla is born by Caesarean section and travels straight from the maternity hospital in a cardboard box to her future home: a park in the Nicaraguan capital Managua. Her underage mother Sujeylin has run away from home, become a drug addict and ended up on the streets, where she meets Karla's father Juan ...



Helena Třeštíková / Czech Republic / 2010 / 90 min.

Following her films Marcela and René, Helena Třeštíková has made another documentary shot over a number of years. Her central character this time is a drug addict called Katka. The powerful story of Katka's 14-year battle with drug addiction begins in 1996 in the Sananim treatment clinic, where ...



Cyril Tuschi / Germany / 2011 / 111 min.

For many young Russians, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former head of oil giant Yukos, is someone who stole a lot of money from their country. Others see him as a martyr, who stood in President Vladimir Putin's way and was therefore "removed" for political reasons to a Siberian jail, where his sentence ...


Kids' rights - Anna, Alexandra, Habibola, Antanas, Romy

Mensjesrechten - Anna, Alexandra, Habibola, Antanas, Romy
Marjoleine Boonstra, Ayfer Ergun, Dorothee Forma, Christel Voorn, Wilberry Jakobs / Netherlands / 2010 / 18 min.

This series of five short films deals with individual articles of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. The convention makes reference to the specific vulnerability of children and it obliges government authorities to protect their interests, to ensure that they have the best possible living ...


Love During Wartime

Love During Wartime
Gabriella Bier / Sweden, Denmark / 2010 / 92 min.

Love during Wartime is a Romeo and Juliet for our times. Two star-crossed lovers decide to take on the world with the only weapon they have - their love for each other, which emerged from the rubble of demolished houses and the hopelessness of the conflict in the Middle East. Osama is a sculptor and ...


Love Me, Please

Lubite menia, pojaluista
Valery Balayan / Russia / 2010 / 75 min.

In Valery Balayan's film, a female journalist from the Russian opposition newspaper Novaja Gazeta says its writers have the highest death rate among reporters. The worst thing is the feeling that anything could happen, she adds. Anastasia Baburova, one of the daily's journalists, died after being shot ...


Me & My Nose

Me & My Nose
Ziska Szemes / Denmark, Sweden / 2009 / 28 min.

Ziska Szemes was born and raised in Sweden. For as long as she can remember, she has been bothered by the fact that nobody considers her to be a Swede because of her large, hook nose and black hair. Consequently, when she is on the cusp of middle age, she decides to undergo plastic surgery to get a ...


Men Who Swim

Män som simmar
Dylan Williams / Sweden, UK / 2010 / 70 min.

I was forty; my life lacked any hint of rock and roll and I had no idea where I was heading, says the director and protagonist of this film Dylan Williams of his feelings about being on the cusp of middle age. In 2002, the filmmaker and his family moved from his native Britain to Sweden. In this new ...


My Barefoot Friend – The Story of Shallim and His Old Rickshaw

My Barefoot Friend – The Story of Shallim and His Old Rickshaw
Seong-Gyou Lee / South Korea / 2010 / 81 min.

Shallim is a Muslim who has been pulling his rickshaw barefoot through the streets of Calcutta for 35 years. Like most of his colleagues, including the older Hussein and the melancholy Manoj, he comes from Bihar, the poorest part of India. Every day, regardless of monsoon rains, stifling heat and omnipresent ...


My Kidnapper

My Kidnapper
Mark Henderson, Kate Horne / UK / 2010 / 82 min.

In 2003, the world's media reported on the kidnapping of a group of tourists in the Colombian mountains. British national Mark Henderson was among those taken, and he spent more than three months in captivity. Less than a year after his release, he got a big surprise when he received an email from one ...


My Reincarnation

My Reincarnation
Jennifer Fox / USA, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy / 2010 / 102 min.

The protagonist of this film, shot over a number of years by award-winning documentary-maker Jennifer Fox, is Yeshi, the son of a Tibetan spiritual master. His father escaped from Tibet after the Chinese occupation and settled in Italy, where he started a family. The film begins in 1989, when Yeshi ...


Nargis - When Time Stopped Breathing

Nargis - When Time Stopped Breathing
Kyaw Kyaw Oo, Maung Myint Aung / Burma, Germany / 2009 / 90 min.

It only took Cyclone Nargis 13 hours to ravage the Irrawaddy Delta in Burma in May 2008. During this time, the destructive natural force claimed the lives of 140,000 people, while almost two and a half million were left without a roof over their heads. A week after this catastrophe, a group of Burmese ...



Antonio Martino / Italy / 2009 / 47 min.

It was a peaceful village, which turned into Africa after the immigrants arrived, is the complaint one hears at the start of this documentary from a member of a small community in southern Italy, which is now home to one of the biggest refugee camps in Europe. And while hundreds of desperate refugees ...


Nowhere in Europe

Kein Ort
Kerstin Nickig / Germany, Poland / 2009 / 98 min.

The main characters of Kerstin Nickig's documentary were forced to leave Chechnya where they had been persecuted. Consequently, after they managed to flee the war-torn country, they desperately tried to find their feet in the states west of Russia's borders where they ended up. While applying for asylum, ...


Once Upon a Hill

Det var en gang pa riktigt
Charlotta Copcutt, Anna Weitz, Anna Klara Ahrén / Sweden, Chile / 2010 / 29 min.

Priscila, Esteban, Giselle and Felipe live on top of one of the hills in the Chilean town of Valparaíso. Their humble abodes offer a wonderful view of the coast. In this playful film, we follow the everyday life of four children from a dangerous slum, where each of them is bothered by something. Giselle ...


Our School

Scoala Noastra
Mona Nicoara, Miruna Coca-Cozma / USA, Switzerland / 2011 / 90 min.

Our School is the story of relations between the Roma and the majority population of a small town in northern Romania. It follows three Roma children as they struggle to break the barriers of segregation. Alin, Beni and Dana are sent from a dilapidated school in an outlying Roma neighbourhood to a mainstream ...


Out of Round - What is behind?

Z kola von - Čo je za tým?
Jaroslav Vojtek / Slovakia / 2010 / 30 min.

Jožko lives with his family and his dog in a ramshackle house near a busy motorway in Slovakia. He is a recovering junkie who regularly picks up the doses of methadone that are helping him overcome his addiction. He scavenges in bins and sells the Slovak equivalent of the Big Issue. Jožko's father ...


Pink Saris

Pink Saris
Kim Longinotto / UK, India / 2010 / 98 min.

In this film, Sampat Pal, the famous founder of a group called the Gulabi Gang ("Pink Gang") to combat the tradition of gender discrimination, describes herself as the messiah of Indian woman. Director Kim Longinotto, who has devoted many years to women's rights issues, captures the everyday grind of ...


Position Among the Stars

Stand van de sterren
Leonard Retel Helmrich / Netherlands / 2010 / 111 min.

This film, about changes in modern Indonesia, follows three generations of a family from a Jakarta slum. The action primarily focuses on the granddaughter Tari, who is being raised by her uncle and grandmother. The hopes of the entire family rest on this girl, who is the only one who has managed get ...


Poster Girl

Poster Girl
Sara Nesson / USA / 2010 / 38 min.

When she was 19, Robynn Murray and her friends Amanda and Lilly appeared on the cover of an American Army magazine, forming an image the US government hoped would attract other women to enlist for the Iraq war. Today Robynn is one of the 300,000 veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who are suffering ...



Barry Stevens / Canada / 2010 / 94 min.

The protagonist of this documentary, by Canadian director Barry Stevens, is Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. In the 1980s, he worked as a prosecutor in Argentina in trials of the country's former military leaders. Now, however, he faces a much ...



De Regenmakers
Floris-Jan van Luyn / Netherlands / 2010 / 73 min.

Something is rotten in the People's Republic of China. And it is not just the communist machinery of government. In a village in Zhejiang province in the south of the country, the fish caught in the river taste like rubbish, face creams, and sometimes even paint. An unpleasant stink emanates from the ...



Mayckell Pedrero Mariol / Norway / 2010 / 50 min.

This film, by Cuban director Mayckell Pedrero Mariol, is currently one of the most controversial works on the "island of freedom". It had only one public screening in Havana. Just to be on the safe side, journalists and bloggers were not allowed to attend. The protagonists of this documentary are members ...


Salam Rugby

Salam Rugby
Faramarz Beheshti / Iran, New Zealand / 2010 / 62 min.

When Iranian men see a rugby ball they joke that it's either a melon or a dinosaur egg. And the idea that women chase after one on a sports field is for them simply absurd. The Islamic Federation of Women's Sports have their work cut out trying to promote female sport in a society headed by Iran's conservative ...


Saving Edwards

Zachraňte Edwardse
Dagmar Smržová / Czech Republic / 2010 / 72 min.

Šárka and Marcel Sladkowsky have decided after several years of marriage to have a child. However, during the pregnancy the doctors detect Edwards Syndrome and recommend that Šárka immediately undergo an abortion. Edwards Syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes physical and mental handicap. Half ...


Scena del Crimine

Scena del Crimine
Walter Stokman / Netherlands / 2010 / 74 min.

It's better to hear the sound of the prison gates than the bells in a church, says one of the young delinquents serving his sentence on the island of Nisida near Napoli. This is where the Dutch director Walter Stokman's documentary essay, mapping Neapolitan criminality, begins and ends. Instead of unravelling ...



Martin Řezníček / Czech Republic / 2010 / 31 min.

"They want 300,000 CZK from me for signing something, even though I didn't take any money from them," says one woman in the documentary Shitcredit. Like many others, she was enticed by the possibility of a quick and easy loan. Even though she changed her mind about the whole transaction and withdrew ...



Sabine Lubbe Bakker, Ester Gould / Netherlands / 2010 / 75 min.

Ezat and Bayan were born in the part of the Golan Heights that is under Israeli control. Their parents come from Syria and the biggest dream both youths have is to make a journey to the land of their forebears. Every day, on a rock at the Israeli-Syrian border, they dream about life on the other side. ...


Skateistan: To Live and Skate Kabul

Skateistan: To Live and Skate Kabul
Orlando von Einsiedel / UK / 2010 / 9 min.

Murza, 17, and Fazilla, 12, live in the Afghan capital Kabul and share a hobby: skateboarding. A centre called "Skateistan" has opened in the city where they can ride the U-ramp and just hang out. The unique skate park - which is located on the ruins of buildings destroyed during the war - gives them ...


Solartaxi - Around the World with the Sun

Solartaxi - Around the World with the Sun
Erik Schmitt / Germany / 2010 / 68 min.

As a young boy, Louis Palmer sketched a solar-powered car on his copybook. He returns to this dream twenty years later as a primary school teacher in Lucerne, and he begins to make it a reality with the help of several enthusiasts. In the summer of 2007, the first prototype of the vehicle was created. ...


Staging a Revolution

Staging a Revolution
Mathew Charles, Albina Kovalyova / UK / 2010 / 27 min.

It is not easy to get to a performance by Belarus's banned Free Theatre. People interested in going to a show are directed via email and SMS messages to a certain place on the edge of Minsk, from where they are then discreetly led to a small house. In "Europe's last dictatorship", as the Lukashenko ...


Stalin. Why not?

Stalin - Počemu by i nět
Kirill Sakharnov / Russia / 2010 / 14 min.

"Through storms the sun of freedom has shined upon us, And the great Lenin has lighted the way, Stalin has taught us faithfulness to the people, To labour, and inspired us to great feats!" This excerpt from the Soviet national anthem dating back to 1943 adorns the walls of Moscow's Kursk metro station. ...


Stories of Trafficked Children

Stories of Trafficked Children
Yeneakale Tamrat / Ethiopia, Czech Republic / 2010 / 28 min.

In Ethiopia, slavery was officially abolished in the 1930s. Nonetheless, the local inhabitants still have to contend with it in some form or other to this day. Often, it is the result of extreme poverty, which people try to escape from by moving to large cities, as well as the demand for cheap labour. ...


That's Life

Takie zycie
Daniel Zielinski / Poland / 2010 / 27 min.

Wit Zieliński, who is retired, lives with and takes care of his mother in a house in the Polish countryside. He helps her wash, cooks and feeds her, and talks with her. Though she does sometimes sing patriotic songs, the old woman rarely speaks, and is gradually losing her memory. Daniel Zieliński ...


That's the Way I See It - Amia

Tak to vidím já - Amia
Břetislav Rychlík / Czech Republic / 2010 / 15 min.

Six-year-old Amia lives with her parents and younger brother Schiva on a farm amidst the solitude of the mountainous Šumava region. She is surrounded by nature and helps her parents look after the farm animals. She would like to be a mare or a fairy. The purpose in life for the entire family, which ...


The 4th Revolution - Energy Autonomy

Die 4. Revolution - Energy Autonomy
Carl-A. Fechner / Germany / 2010 / 83 min.

The German politician and impassioned scientist Hermann Scheer insists in Carl-A. Fechner's film that we have only around 30 years left before we simply have to switch over to renewable energy sources. Scheer and the other protagonists in this visually impressive film - who include renowned experts, ...


The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
Jamie Doran / UK / 2010 / 52 min.

Bacha Bazi, which translates as "boy's game", is the name of an old Afghan tradition under which pubescent boys dress as women and perform dances for the pleasure of adult men. The custom, particularly widespread in the north of the country, has flourished in recent years as former army commanders and ...


The Furious Force of Rhymes

Hip-Hop, le monde est a vous!
Joshua Atesh Litle / France / 2010 / 82 min.

Do you sometime think life has gone a bit flat? Have you ever said to yourself that things are going so badly it couldn't get any worse? Have you ever tried to catch your own shadow? If the answer is yes, then you are ripe for The Furious Force of Rhymes. In this documentary, dissatisfaction and frustration ...


The Game Must Go On

Ta Paidia Den Paizei
Angeli Andrikopoulou, Argyris Tsepelikas / Greece / 2010 / 22 min.

Greek schoolchildren Alexandra, Vlad and Chrysa love football. Every day, after school, they gather in front of their building to play an intense game of ball. But their neighbours don't like it and regularly drive the kids away. But where else can they go, if there is no play area anywhere nearby? ...


The Grandchildren of the Cuban Revolution

Los Nietos de la Revolución Cubana
Carlos Montaner / USA / 2010 / 60 min.

There is no point working or studying in this country, says young Merci on the streets of the Cuban capital Havana. When Javi, a student, is asked what sacrifices he is willing to make for the ideas of the revolution, he gives the camera the finger. According to some, a new opposition is growing on ...


The Green Wave

The Green Wave
Ali Samadi Ahadi / Germany, Iran / 2010 / 80 min.

Last year's presidential elections in Iran aroused the nation from its lethargy. For the first time in years, the younger generation felt that there was a chance for change. Hundreds of thousands of them took to the streets in support of the reform candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi. Electrifying hope gave ...


The Housemaid

Die Haushaltshilfe
Anna Hoffmann / Germany / 2009 / 60 min.

At the urging of her mother, Martina Ondécková, who is from the small town of Giraltovce in eastern Slovakia, has moved to Germany to find a job. The 25-year-old looks after the bedbound Max and his wife, who is in a wheelchair. Martina soon realises that looking after the couple is a fulltime task ...


The Market

The Market
Rama Rau / Canada / 2010 / 70 min.

In India, selling one's kidneys on the black market in an effort to keep the wolf from the door is not uncommon, even though it is against the law. Demand is rising, with Western clients paying 60,000 dollars for healthy organs. However, the "donors" receive at most 200 dollars, money which immediately ...


The Other Chelsea - A Story from Donetsk

The Other Chelsea - Eine Geschichte aus Donezk
Jakob Preuss / Germany / 2010 / 88 min.

If you come from the Ukrainian city of Donetsk, it goes without saying that you are a passionate fan of the local football club Shakhtar and that the "Orange Revolution" was not for you. In no other city did the "blue opposition" of the current Ukrainian president and naturally passionate Shakhtar fan ...


The Pipe

The Pipe
Risteard O Domhnaill / Ireland / 2010 / 83 min.

This film by director Risteard O'Domhnaill is an engrossing account of an unequal four-year battle between the inhabitants of the Irish fishing village Rossport and the Shell corporation. After the multinational company had found natural gas deposits in the sea nearby, it began building a pipeline, ...


The World According to Ion B.

Lumea vazuta de Ion B.
Alexander Nanau / Romania / 2009 / 61 min.

A dirty, perennially drunken man in his sixties has lived for years on a mattress among the bins in the courtyard of a Bucharest apartment building. His name is Ion Barladeanu and he is currently one of the most sought-after modern Romanian artists. In an old suitcase, he has stashed his brilliant collages, ...



Jo Menell / South Africa / 2010 / 48 min.

At present in the Republic of South Africa, there are more than five million people with AIDS. Most of them don't want to talk about their illness. These people are convinced that their life lost its purpose the moment they were diagnosed as HIV-positive. This, however, does not apply to the young African ...


Thieves by Law

Ganavim Ba Hok
Alexander Gentelev / Israel, Germany, Spain / 2010 / 91 min.

They didn't learn about life in school, but in prison, which is where they also selected their future associates. For them, a tattoo is not an adornment, but an expression of their contempt for the authorities and a sign that they belong to a certain prison caste and its hierarchy. They have never worked ...


This Chair Is Not Me

This Chair Is Not Me
Andy Taylor Smith / UK / 2010 / 10 min.

Alan Martin was born with a severe form of cerebral palsy. Since birth he has been confined to a wheelchair whilst being unable to communicate with those around him. Despite the fact that he has been overlooked and ignored his whole life, he refuses to simply resign himself to this situation. His life ...


Three Gifts

Tři dary
Erika Hníková / Czech Republic / 2011 / 26 min.

In Three Gifts, documentary film-maker Erika Hníková follows the footsteps of Czech humanitarian aid in Afghanistan. This takes her to the north of the country, where the People in Need foundation has already spent many years striving to improve the living conditions of the local people. They are ...


Try I Will

Ci Provo
Susana Pilgrim / Italy / 2010 / 62 min.

Twenty-three-year-old Italian Luigi Fantinelli studies at a university in Bologna and is applying for a study placement in Spain within the framework of the Socrates Erasmus programme. Of the more than two million students who have participated in this programme, he is the very first who has Down's ...


Village without Women

Selo bez žena
Srdjan Sarenac / France, Serbia, Croatia / 2010 / 83 min.

There are only eight inhabitants left in the Serbian village of Zabrdje, all of them men, and all of them single. Brothers Zoran, Rado and Dragan live together in a house covered in pictures of models cut from men's magazines. They do their daily chores, raise sheep, and have never heard of the internet. ...


Vodka Factory

Jerzy Sladkowski / Sweden / 2010 / 90 min.

Valya, who is from the town of Zhigulyovsk in Russia's Samara region, loves nice clothes and make-up, and also dreams of becoming an actress. However, she spends most of her time working in a vodka-packing plant and getting drunk with her girlfriends in the evening. She lives with her mother Tatyana ...


Waste Land

Waste Land
Lucy Walker / UK, Brazil / 2010 / 98 min.

Filmed over nearly three years, this film by respected director Lucy Walker documents the progress of a charity art project by the world-renowned artist Vik Muniz. The movie follows him as he travels to his native Brazil to the world's largest dump, Jardim Gramacho on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, ...


You Don't Like the Truth - 4 Days inside Guantanamo

You Don't Like the Truth - 4 Days inside Guantanamo
Luc Coté, Patricio Henriquez / Canada / 2010 / 100 min.

Canadian Omar Khadr was a quiet but quick-witted guy. He didn't stand out among his friends, was a bookworm, and never resisted his parents' will, even when his father said he was taking him to Afghanistan. There his dad joined up with the Taliban, leaving Omar in a Taliban camp. In 2002, that camp ...